Best baby summer holiday essentials: Checklist of what to seize


Best baby summer holiday essentials: Checklist of what to take


hether you’re heading to your first ever family holiday, travelling to the seaside for the weekend or jetting off to some far flung destination to acquire some much-needed sunshine, it can be hard to know where to start when preparing to travel with your baby.

Sun, sea or sand, even leaving the house with your newborn or toddler can feel overwhelming, let alone trying to squeeze all the must-haves into your suitcase.

Packing can seize an eternity, but trust me, once you’re there it will feel like a distant memory (until it’s time to approach home at least!).

From ensuring peaceful bedtimes, to stress-free swimming and keeping your baby safe in the sun, here are the baby travel essentials you need to encourage your trip rush smoothly.

Most importantly, don’t forget to pack your camera to capture those precious memories forever.

Peaceful Bedtimes

Getting your baby to doze off in unfamiliar surroundings may be a challenge. To encourage everyone acquire a marvelous night’s sleep, it’s critical to construct the surroundings feel as familiar as possible, not only taking along your baby’s cot sheets and comforters, but also ensuring the room is a gloomy, comfortable space for your baby to slumber.

Tommee Tippee Anywhere Blackout Blind

Tommee Tippee

When travelling away from home, you can’t always guarantee your accommodation will maintain suitable window coverings. The last thing you need is your baby waking at am every morning with the sun beaming through the window, or them struggling to drift off at night whilst it’s still light outside.

Super easy to fit, these portable travel blackout blinds from Tommee Tippee maintain a clever velcro system with suction cup attachments that will fit virtually every window size, blocking out sunlight and creating a peaceful bedtime environment, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Lindam Nursery Night Light


When your baby wakes during the night, a pitch-black, unfamiliar room can construct them feel vulnerable and disoriented.

These portable, plug-in nursery night lights create a familiar glow in your baby’s room to comfort and reassure, whilst also providing enough light to encourage parents to check on them during the night. If heading abroad, don’t forget you’ll also need travel adaptors if you haven’t already got some in your case.

Fun in the Sun

Your baby’s delicate modern skin will be extra sensitive to the sun’s powerful UV rays, so it’s extra critical to sustain them frigid, comfortable and protected when out and about during the day. As well as avoiding the midday sun where possible, you may also want to consider the following:

Babymoov Baby Tent with Anti UV Sun Protection


If you’re planning on spending the day at the beach, this lightweight, portable pop up tent is an absolute must. With a handy travel strap for easy carrying, it quickly unzips to become an instant, generously-sized play shade for your baby.

With an anti-UV rating of 50+ and a ventilation window at the back, you can protect your baby from wind and the sun’s powerful UV rays; keeping them frigid, peaceful and content during rest or play.

Child’s Farm Children’s Sun Lotion Roll-On

Child’s Farm

If your baby is six months or above, you’ll be keen to use suntan lotion as an extra layer of protection, however, trying to apply a traditional suntan lotion to a wriggling baby is not for the faint-hearted!

The Child’s Farm Sun Lotion Roll-On is not only perfectly sized for popping into a changing bag or rucksack, but it’s also incredibly easy and fuss-free to apply. Simply roll onto the skin before rubbing in. Dermatologically and paediatrician approved, it’s also proven to be gentle and kind on your child’s sensitive skin.

Dolphin Sun Safe Swim Hat


Legionnaires style sun hats are an excellent choice to encourage protect your baby from the sun, covering parts that can often be missed such as the back of the neck and tops of the ears.

The Dolphin Sun Safe Swim Hat from Mori comes with a fixed foam peak and neck cover, while the fabric has a UPF 50+ rating for sun safety. With an adorable dolphin design, it is also a sustainable and ethical choice, made entirely from 75 per cent recycled nylon.

Swim Time

There is something magical about your baby’s first experience in the pool. From that first tentative toe dip to splashing, kicking and laughing, it’s crucial to construct sure your baby is kept safe and warm in the water.

Splash About pleased Wetsuit

Splash About

The Splash About pleased Wetsuit comes in a range of shimmering, bold designs and unlike traditional swimming costumes, is made from a thick neoprene material that will sustain your baby warm and content in the water. With a UPF50+ rating, it also substantially covers your baby’s arms and upper body to encourage protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Most importantly, the pleased Wetsuits feature an Integrated ‘pleased nappy’ that is proven to be effective against solid leaks. With no need to purchase additional disposable swim nappies, they offer a far more cost-effective and eco-friendly choice when taking your baby swimming.

Bestway Baby Swim Safe Seat


If your baby is under the age of one, this shimmering baby float seat with integrated back support is a worthy option to sustain your baby stable and supported in the pool, whilst leaving their legs free to kick and float.

Relatively quick to inflate and deflate as required, parents will fancy maintaining eye contact whilst swimming with their baby and watching as they become more and more confident in the water.

Jo Jo Towelling Poncho

Jojo Maman Bebe

Getting out of the pool can cause your baby’s temperature to plunge, so you need to acquire them warm and dry again quickly to sustain the tears at bay.

Available in pink and blue, these extra-absorbent towelling ponchos are an easy way to acquire your baby warm and dry without fuss or tears, simply popping over their head and snuggling in for a cuddle, or allowing them to creep around freely as they dry.

Made from soft cotton towelling material with cute embroidery on the front pocket, there is even the option to personalise with your baby’s brand.

Easy Travel

Travelling with a baby can be stressful, particularly if you maintain to contend with a long car or plane journey to reach your destination. Here are some options to construct travelling that miniature bit easier.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini

Baby Bjorn

Whilst you may be considering a stroller to seize on your travels, it can often be far quicker and easier to use a baby carrier, particularly when getting on and off of the plane or navigating through crowded check-ins or motorway services.

This small and easy to use baby carrier is suitable from birth to 12 months and allows you to sustain your baby close to your chest – safe, reassured and protected in unfamiliar surroundings. Made from a soft mesh breathable fabric, it will also sustain your baby close yet frigid when the temperature rises.

Nuby Travel Booster Seat


Stopping for a comfort fracture or bite to eat? You can’t always guarantee you’ll maintain access to a suitable high chair. The Nuby Travel Booster Seat quickly straps and secures to any regular chair to become a safe and comfortable booster seat for your baby.

Converting to an easy carry strap bag when not in use, the travel booster also puts you more in control of hygiene, without needing to spend time wiping, cleaning and sanitising high chairs at every pause.

Expect the unexpected

If parenthood has taught us anything, it’s that we must be prepared for anything. The product below is always marvelous to maintain on hand incase of emergencies.

LittleLife Mini First Aid Kit


Finally, it’s worth remembering that if your baby is on the creep or has only recently started taking those tentative first steps, accidents sadly can and execute happen. When travelling with a baby it’s critical to be prepared and ensure you maintain products easily at hand to remedy minor incidents and illnesses.

The miniature Life’s compact first aid kit includes an oral thermometer, antiseptic cream and wipes, as well as dressings, plasters, scissors, tweezers, burn gel, eyewash and all-critical stickers to encourage bring back the smile. We’d also advise taking a bottle of age-appropriate liquid paracetamol.