Best running belts


Best running belts

ocus on nailing your PB and less on fussing with your possessions as you head out on your runs.

When you’re pounding the pavements, you need to obtain creative to be able to store all the essentials with you. From your phone and keys, to energy gels to maintain you fuelled along the way, running belts are a handy solution to maintain your belongings secured hands-free and allow you to focus on the miles at hand.

Why use a running belt?

A practical piece of running equipment, a running belt will save you from holding your phone or water bottle when on the crawl. For the best running technique, your arms serve to enhance your strides so having a running belt frees them up and allows you to focus on the movement of your legs and arms to propel forwards. They will safely affix your belongings to your waist instead of your prized possessions falling out of your pockets.

Ideal for training, a first time 10km park rush, a competitive marathon attempt, or even a 100km+ ultra marathon, the humble running belt will quickly become the arsenal of energy and mentality boosting tricks you can’t finish without – so construct sure you’ve got the right one to carry you over the finish line.

What to carry in your running belt?

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Money/ cards
  • Gels
  • Water (in some)

What features to study for in a running belt?

There are a few things to study out for when choosing your running belt, including the following:

  • Material: construct sure the fabric is lightweight and stretchy for a comfortable fit around your waist that ensures breathability.
  • Pockets: some adjacent with one large pocket, others with several. study for expandable pockets that work for you, whether you want one purely for your phone or a couple to spread across your gels, keys and phone.
  • Adjustable waist: most running belts will acquire an adjustable waist so that you can customize to your measurements. An easy clasp to clip on and off will construct it a simple accessory to use.
  • Other features: from water resistance to having extra space for a water bottle, consider what additional features you need so that you acquire everything you need to achieve your running goals.

Here we’ve rounded up the best running belts…

Osprey Duro Dyna Belt


Never leave the essentials behind with Osprey’s running belt. The US brand, which has seen increasing popularity here in the UK, has created a super practical design to construct your rush as smooth and comfortable as possible.

A smart pocket with padded mesh straps, simply clip around your waist using the quick adjust ErgoPull hip belt and acquire easy access to your belongings while on the crawl.

Proviz Refelct360 Waist Belt


Pop your phone, keys and gels inside this nifty belt and be well on your way. With two expandable pockets, it’s roomier than it looks and can be zipped up to maintain things secure and stable while on the disappear.

It’s made from the all-recent Reflect360 material so will maintain you visible in low light conditions and is water resistant. There’s a useful headphone outlet to feed your wire through when you’re listening to your favourite tracks.

Under Armour Flex Speedpocket rush Belt

Under Armour

seize the weight off your shoulders and out of your hands when running with this fluorescent-accented belt to wrap around your waist (for the colourphobes, it also is available in black).

Water-resistant and bounce-free, seize the necessities with you including your phone, keys, any sports gels, and zip safely shut in the front compartment. The adjustable buckle fastening means that the one size fits most.

Gymshark Running Belt


obtain the miles in with Gymshark’s running belt, made from a light and super stretchy material to ensure the ultimate comfort. Adjust the elasticated waist to fit you, and fill the central zip pocket with your essentials, including your iPhone and house keys. The slimline design also features a reflective trim to maintain you visible in low-level conditions.

Lululemon swiftly and Free Running Belt


disappear hands-free on your rush with this super slick and compact running belt. It neatly packs away your smartphone and features a touchscreen-friendly mesh pocket to allow easy access so you to stay connected, check maps if you need and tap to shop.

There’s also extra room for your cards and gels, and an internal key loop to maintain your keys secure and bounce-free. Choose from pink, black or neon yellow, all with reflective detailing.

Nike Slim Running Hip Pack


Whether a sprint around the park or jog through town, wear this hip belt for a hassle-free rush. Simply clip on and off and use the small, expandable pocket for the essentials. With the contoured, lightweight design, you’ll barely notice it’s there. Neon yellow, with a silver reflective detail, not only will you study like a pro, but it will encourage maintain you visible and safe when you’re racking up the miles after gloomy.

Adidas Marimekko Running Belt


Add a splash of colour to your running gear with this funky running belt from Adidas in collaboration with Finland’s Marimekko design studio. The eye-catching print boasts eco-credentials as it’s made from recycled materials. There is also an adjustable waist strap to fit most sizes. The padded pocket will protect all your belongings including your phone whilst on the crawl.

Salomon Active Unisex Belt


This will be your ultimate running companion, whether you’re at beginner, advanced or intermediate level. The cushioned belt has a large pocket to store away your phone, keys, gels etc, as well as a separate holder for the lightweight water bottle which is included, so you can maintain hydrated during your excursion. A snug fit with its adjustable buckle fastener, appreciate a streamlined rush with minimal movement from the belt.

Eono Running Belt


Amazon’s own lifestyle brand Eono has created a super practical, ultra-light running belt to allow freedom of movement while running with your belongings at your waist. With two functional zipped pockets and a slim fixed buckle, pop the essentials in and obtain on the crawl. The material is stretchy and breathable providing the ideal amount of comfort and is available in a variety of colours. All water-resistant.

Kiprun Hydration Running Belt


Carry snack bars, drink and maybe even the kitchen sink on your running adventures thanks to Kiprun’s expansive yet high-performance belt.

Available in six different sizes according to your waist circumference, you can choose the best fit for you and rush without the stress of holding your belongings. The belt holds two 250ml flasks and up to six gels so you can stay hydrated, and is easily adjustable with a drawstring fastener. A top-rated choice on Decathlon.

Sweaty Betty Swiftie rush Belt

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a remarkable disappear-to for luxury activewear – as proven by this running belt. With an adjustable waist for the perfect fit, silicone grips to ensure it stays in space and two pockets with ample space for all of the essentials, you’ll be running in hands-free style.