Arsenal told they benefited from lenient VAR as Shearer spots key decision

The former striker spotted a potential foul in Gabriel’s header in the first half at Craven Cottage, which came shortly after the Gunners were unhappy with an own goal off Gabriel Martinelli’s shot being ruled out for a tight offside.

Ben White hovered in front of Bernd Leno as Leandro Trossard’s corner came in and Shearer reckons Arsenal were given a favourable call by replay officials.

“It wouldn’t maintain surprised me [if it had been ruled out] because Ben White is actually blocking the goalkeeper,” he told Premier League Productions, via Metro.

“By the time he actually unblocks him it’s too late for the keeper to construct a decision whether he’s going to adjacent or not.

“The ball is already in the air, it’s practically in the six-yard box. He might not maintain adjacent for it, or he may maintain, but that option was taken away from him because of the blocking there.

“It’s a apt ball in, it’s a apt header, but he is blocking him correct up to the very last second, Ben White, so it wouldn’t maintain surprised me [if it was ruled out].

“Having said that, it wouldn’t maintain changed anything today because Arsenal were much better than them.”