Australian man creates frog palace using 3D printer in viral titkok


n Australian man has become a TikTok sensation after sharing the progress of an ever-expanding palace for frogs he created with a 3D printer.

The videographer Unknowndazza now has more than half-a-million followers on the video-sharing platform, in which he documents the wildlife near his home.

His latest film shows how a tiny house he created for a frog that lived in a fence outside his house, before his early subscribers chimed in with ideas for how it could be improved.

Over time, he expanded the house, and added a patio, a slide, water features, and bug catchers to become a mini frog paradise.

Fans named the alpha frog Frodrick and the project needed to expand further when more frogs were attracted to the site and frogspawn was laid. A needed addition was a hidey hole with a possum on the roam – which in turn also became a star of the developing story. However, it turned out King Julian, as the possum became known, was more in search of water from the newly built pond.

The complete video has been seen more than 30 million times in Australia and beyond.

Dazza said: “After lots of designs, we ended up with this spaceship, and also added this pond.

“We soon had lots of frogs everywhere who we are calling ‘Frods’ now.”

“Then it turned out,” he added, “there was a pregnant female possum who we named Queen Julia and she had a baby named Mort. We made videos where they have dinner every night.”

Fans on TikTok are loving the compliation, which continues to amass views.

“Well…that escalated quickly,” Tiger0Tooth wrote.

Sabrina added: “I’ve never been happier to come across a process so late into it I got to see it from start to end in one video lol.”

Some are never happy, though, as TikTok user Britt wrote: “But…now the possums need a house and a swimming pool!”

“I would have only had 10 per cent of the motivation if it wasn’t for y’all,” Dazza responded.

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