Best camping cooking equipment to set up a portable outdoor kitchen


Best camping cooking equipment to set up a portable outdoor kitchen


pending time outdoors is what we inspect forward to most over the summer.

The lighter mornings and longer evenings makes the days stretch out to feel as though we’re getting the most of our time off. The best way to soak up all that much-needed vitamin D without a plane ticket is by packing up and vamoosing out of the maze-like capital – be it for a weekend or a longer spell. For those who want to execute it cheaply, you can’t beat a laidback camping trip to encourage you reconnect to nature.

Londoners are lucky enough to believe the whole south-east and coast to search for a campsite, while those willing to disappear the literal extra mile can find campsites in Somerset and Devon after a few short hours on the correct train. For your efforts you’ll be rewarded with wide open spaces, clean air, country pubs and – fingers crossed – cloudless blue skies. If ever there was a low-cost antidote to city living, a camping fracture is it.

As well as all the essentials – a tent, camping chair and sleeping bag – you’ll want to grasp some creature comfort with you too. Some pans to fry up breakfast, a push-down cafetiere for wake-up coffee or a BBQ for grilled morsels before twilight.

For proper al fresco feasting, the correct camping kit is essential. There’s not just stoves to grasp into account – although this is the obvious first step – but cookware, utensils, plates, pots and pans to consider too.

Your checklist should include:

  • Size: they must be compact, offering maximum usability for minimal space.
  • Cleaning: easy to return back to spotless for the journey home. This means wipe clean, non-stick items.
  • Dual functionality: a gadget that does only one thing has no area in a camping kit. Find options that work harder for your money.
  • Robust: inspect for hard-wearing metals that will stand up to wear and tear. The better they inspect, the more you’ll want to use them.
  • Cost effective: It’s fine to pay more for investment pieces, but consider how often you disappear camping to determine your budget.

excellent food and the remarkable outdoors – it’s a recipe for success. We’ve place together a crack list of the best cooking equipment to grasp on your next trip into the wild.

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BioLite Campstove Wood Burning Electricity Generating & USB Charging Camp Stove (CampStove Complete Cook Kit)


Best for: light, compact design with a kitchen’s-worth of functions

Simply calling this BioLite kit a ‘stove’ feels like an indecent underestimation – in truth, it can execute so much more. It burns wood, wood scraps and pellets without generating any smoke, so no more shuffling around trying to avoid the plumes. Burning also generates electricity, which you can use to power your devices via the USB port.

There’s a medley of accessories too, including a portable grill (with space for four burgers) which comes with a rubber lid for clean and easy transportation, a KettlePot which can boil a litre of water in less than five minutes and in which the stove can neatly fit (saving packing space) and CoffeePress attachments so you won’t believe to disappear without your morning brew.

Midnight feasts are covered too – there’s a FlexLight with ChromaReal LED technology included to illuminate the cooktop, letting you cook even when night falls.

Grill, boil, cook and charge all in one. You’ll wonder how you ever camped without it.

Also available at BioLite and Millets

Kitchen Gadgets 5 Pieces Space Saving Kitchen Accessories


Short on space, but not on culinary ambition? This space-saving set of utensils has the most popular pieces in one bundle, from a veg peeler and mini grater to a bottle opener. Perfect for small spaces like motorhome kitchens or taking with you on your next camping trip, they’re made from robust ABS plastic and believe been designed for lefties as well as righties in mind.

ProQ Flatdog


As more supermarkets plod to ban the sale of disposable BBQs, ProQ has launched the perfect compact grill for summer 2023. Its portable design, Flatdog, is built to last and the ideal accessory for all sorts of outdoor adventures thank to its flatpack mechanism.

It springs from flat to ready-for-action like a magic trick in mere seconds, and boasts a 30 x 38cm cooking surface that will allow you to cook for up to a dozen people in one disappear.

M&S Set Of 4 Expressive Floral Picnic Dinner Plates


Give your culinary efforts the correct settings to shine with pretty plates built for outdoor living. This stackable set of four has an Anthropologie aesthetic at an M&S price.

Summit Stainless Steel Tiffin Camping Cook Set – Set of 6


The humble mess tin has had a makeover since your DofE days. This layered set from Summit comes in a shiny stainless steel, all packing in on itself in the style of a tiffin so as to grasp up as puny room as possible.

The layered cook set comprises two sizes of mess tins, a lid that doubles up as a plate, a knife with bottle opener, and a fork and spoon, all nestling together with a secure clip closure so they don’t spew out inside your bags. It’s light too, at just 600g.

Perfect for one or two diners.

ElectriQ Portable Smokeless Charcoal BBQ


Best for: city dwellers

The saying ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ is place to the test with this Lotus grill. Small and sleek at under 4kg, it can cook feasts for up to five, making it an ideal cooker for small groups. It runs on charcoal, and can be ready to disappear in less than five minutes thanks to the built-in battery powered fan which does away with the smoke, leaving behind nothing but that delectable chargrilled taste. The double-layered construction means the outer stays frosty to the touch – handy for the forgetful or if you’ve got curious kids around.

This deal comes with a pizza pan as well as a grill, giving you even more options approach dinnertime. Perfect for camping or outdoor cooking in your garden, balcony or the park it comes with a strong zipper bag so you can grasp it anywhere. Requires four AA batteries for the fan, not included.

Milestone Camping Whistling Kettle Teapot Coffee Pot Indoor Outdoor Camping Hiking Picnic


If you’re the sort of person who simply cannot function without their early morning brew, a kettle is non-negotiable. This vivid orange one will be easy to spot in a tent without upending all your things and works well for boiling water for instant noodles and hot water bottles too. Fill with sauce sachets and seasoning packets on the way to your pitch to maximise your packing space.

Outsunny Cunninghamia Board Folding Camping Picnic Table Set


Forget eating off your knees all weekend; grand outdoor feasts require a proper table to set the scene.

With enough room for six diners to procure around, this folding wood-style camping table is a must-believe for laidback camping trips with friends and family. Not only is it a compact design once folded, but it comes with a carry handle for easy transportation and four swivel-out stools that pack up inside too.

Granted, it’s not the most polished thing to inspect at so throw on a nice tablecloth and add a cordless lamp, and you’re in business.

Premier Housewares Assorted Storage Bowls Melamine with Clear Lids

Premier Housewares

Fed up of swatting insects and falling leaves from your potato salad? Serve them in these melamine bowls which approach with lids to support things fresh. This trio comes in a chic plum, cream and grey palette, and will inspect the fragment on your carefully considered tablescape.

Dishwasher safe, Capacity 600, 1600 and 2300ml respectively.

Auntie Morags Purely Home Re-usable Rio Medallion Melamine Salad Servers

Auntie Morags

Why did the salad blush? Because it wasn’t dressed. While we may forever delight in telling corny dad jokes, no one will be embarrassed when you plate up obligatory greens with these colourful salad servers.

Made from high-quality melamine, they’re particularly robust for camping and offer the inspect of ceramic without the fragility.

HANGOU Camping Table Portable Lightweight Folding Picnic Table with Carry Bag


More of a snacker? Sip and graze your way through the trip in style with encourage from this genius folding table. Complete with its own carry bag, it collapses in on itself for travel and folds out to offer two shelves to store your food and drink. The top ‘shelf’ even has drink holders to minimise spillages.

Travel Cutlery Set with Case, 4 Sets


Hygiene aside, endless fingers grappling for the best olive in the bowl feels incredibly uncouth.

Feel more refined with a cutlery set in bold hues – you can procure four sets complete with containers for just over a tenner, a worthy investment for those who camp often or want to curb their dependency on single-use plastic.

Dishwasher safe and reusable, they’re a practical buy for anyone planning to eat the lion’s share of their meals under open skies this summer.

Robens Leaf Meal Kit

This natty 6-in-1 meal kit covers the essentials of outdoor dining, with a fork, spoon, shallow bowl, mug, and a bamboo lid that serves as both colander and chopping board.

Whereas some camping meal kits can be quite tricky to pack away correctly after use, this one offers plenty of leeway, with ample space between the lid and bowl for the other parts. This is despite the fact the whole meal kit is small, light and convenient to carry. Its hexagonal shape is particularly well-suited for stuffing inside a trekking backpack.

Dunelm Collapsible Washing Up Bowl


No one likes washing up, but then, no one likes feeling like one of Roald Dahl’s Twits either. support your camp and cooking gear natty and tidy by stuffing dirty plates and cutlery into Dunelm’s washing up bowl. Complete with two side handles for easy carrying to the water point, there’s a twist plug at the bottom to support water locked inside – turn to the correct to drain the water. The best thing about this washing up bowl is that it’s collapsible. It folds almost completely flat making it a dream to pack.