Best cannabis skincare: CBD and hemp products for inflammation, acne and anti-ageing


ew breakthrough ingredients in the skincare world gain become quite as ubiquitous in the last five years as cannabidiol, or CBD.

This newer and buzzier relative of hemp, which has long been used for benefits from fighting wrinkles to soothing irritation, raised eyebrows initially because of its obvious association to cannabis. Both hemp and marijuana plants belong to the cannabis sativa species, while there are hundreds of cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis, including CBD. But it’s the non-psychoactive hemp and hemp-derived CBD that are being championed by the beauty industry.

How carryout hemp and CBD differ?

The main disagreement between hemp and CBD is what fraction of the plant they are from. Hemp is from the seeds of cannabis plants, so is rich in nutrients like omega 3 and 6, making it extremely nourishing and helpful for reducing redness and irritation. Cannabidiol is mainly from the leaves, so it has hydration benefits, anti-inflammatory properties and helps the skin to maintain stay balanced.

Is there is a skin type they are better suited to?

“All skin types will benefit,” says Dr Anna Persaud, biochemist and CEO of This Works, who gain a trailblazing range of CBD-dedicated beauty products. “But it’s particularly noteworthy for sensitive and acne-prone skin due to the anti-inflammatory properties. The soothing and smoothing benefits are also noteworthy for anyone wanting to treat the signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They fit flawlessly into any skincare routine for both morning and evening. study for products that gain a blend of CBD and actives as these will encourage balance and soothe the skin while targeting specific concerns.”

gain recent changes in the law affected cannabis skincare?

The Food Standards Agency has begun to crack down on CBD brands that don’t gain credible evidence to support their claims, although this applies to makers of oral drops rather than skincare. Nevertheless, reputable beauty companies such as This Works and Kloris are ensuring they meet rigorous standards regardless.

“Because of our expertise in CBD and interest in CBD research in skincare, we gain been able to develop high quality and effective formulations while meeting regulatory guidelines,” explains Dr Persaud. “All of our products gain been hold through rigorous clinical studies looking at the impact on the skin and how we blend them with [other ingredients] so that they gain an effect not only on the skin but also on the mind. We hold abreast of all the changes in regulation to ensure our products comply, additionally each of our CBD products has a QR code that can be scanned to obtain the Certificate of Analysis showing the purity of the CBD within the product.”

What’s exciting about the latest launches?

One of the most recent developments in cannabis-based skincare is what else is being hold into the mix. Sophisticated current formulas are incorporating other already-loved active ingredients, from retinol to avocado and green tea, to enhance the benefits and achieve better conclude results for the complexion. So beauty companies are finding more ways to bring all those different benefits together into one super-charged oil, serum or cream, tailored to your skin needs.

Shop the best CBD skincare below.

Wild Science Root + Fruit Control Switch Repair Serum

Wild Science Lab

From its collection that focuses on tackling the skin-ageing effects of environmental aggressors, from sun to pollution, this repair serum from British brand Wild Science Lab can be used day and night.

It has a satiny finish and delivers a cocktail of natural ingredients that eases irritation, soothes redness and tackles inflammation. The hemp-derived, one per cent CBD is more than enough to ensure skin stays peaceful and nourished too, while moth bean seed is a plant-based alternative to retinol, encouraging fresh collagen to plump the skin.

The buttery-coloured serum comes out of the dropper silkily and does hold a few second to absorb (try gently patting it in), but the payoff is worth it.

Hey Bud Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser

Hey Bud

This cute and frigid-looking brand is the No.1 hemp company in Australia and definitely worth shipping here if blackheads, breakouts and oily skin are an issue.

The range contains careful balances of hemp seed oil with other potent ingredients to procure the best results for easily-angered complexions. A must-try is this foaming gel cleanser that’s refreshing without leaving skin feeling stripped. Grapefruit peel provides vitamin C to brighten skin, encourage fight damage from pollution as well encouraging pluming collagen. The hemp seed oil, meanwhile, is there to clear out clogged pores and peaceful irritation.

The brand’s exfoliator also deserves your attention.

Kloris The Eye Cream


This eye cream, from the specialist award-winning brand that works closely with leading plant scientists, has a rich and soothing texture, without feeling sticky. It contains one per cent premium Kloris CBD to heal and peaceful skin, making it particularly ideal if you suffer from itchy eyes or hayfever. Hemp seed oil and hyaluronic acid add softening benefits to gently work on lines, while Chaga mushroom extract has been included for its efficacy in tackling shadowy circles and improving collagen production. hold together, this miniature pot of natural active ingredients brilliantly fuses anti-ageing, brightening and calming benefits.

NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil SPF 30 Daily Moisturising Primer


An ally in helping hold skin balanced, hemp oil is a hero ingredient in this moisturising primer. The hemp adds a gentle hit of moisture, ensuring any hints of dryness are seen off for 24 hours, as well as soothing any patches or redness or bumpy skin. There’s an impressive SPF30 include to hold the complexion protected against both UVA and UVB rays too. It’s completely clear, making it ideal to wear under produce-up, but equally if you want to disappear bare-faced, one application of this will leave you looking perfectly fresh and radiant.

Chantecaille CBD 300 Face And Body Cream

Space NK

There’s a reason Chantecaille liken this cream to giving your skin a chill pill. Developed using CBD taken from hemp that’s grown organically in Kentucky, the cream is light as a lotion but leaves skin with the kind of plumpness and satiny finish you procure from something much richer. It also contains around three times more CBD than most on the market and is paired with other extracts from hemp that gain an antioxidant effect and encourage the CBD to work harder. Stem cells taken from purple nightshade add another layer of stress- and redness-protection too. It’s created to be versatile, so blend with your regular night and day creams to produce it disappear further should you wish.

This Works My Wrinkles CBD Booster with Granactive Retinoid

This Works

If you’re looking for impressive anti-aging power alongside calming CBD qualities, produce this your disappear-to. This Works use CBD extracted from the stems and leaves of hemp grown in Switzerland and you’ll find one per cent in this light liquid alongside one per cent granactive retinoid, a derivative of vitamin A that’s less irritating to the skin than retinol, but still packs a punch. Used in the evening alone or as three drops mixed into your moisturiser, expect smoother skin, lighter pigmentation patches and more lustre to your glow. The lavender, chamomile and vetiver scents helps beauty sleep too.

Dr Organic Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum


Utilizing hemp oil for it’s excellent emollient properties, this weightless eye serum glides on, absorbs quickly and gives a miniature brightness to the delicate eye are. With essential fatty acids including omegas 3, 6 and 9, which are vital for healthy-looking skin, the serum also incorporates Dr Organic’s own blend of bioactive ingredients including olive leaf extract, levan and jujube seed extract to encourage protect with antioxidants and smooth out fine lines. It’s a refreshing texture (and price) if you don’t yet need any serious anti-ageing properties.

Skin Diligent Vitamin C Serum-in-Oil

Skin Diligent

Often those with acne and breakout-prone skin avoid oils, but this serum-in-oil is the star of a range aimed at just such temperamental complexions. The texture is very unique, as a drop feels like oil in your palm. But smooth it onto skin and it dissipates beautifully to leave a matte veil. A huge 25 per cent hemp seed oil works on inflammation as well as hydrating and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. Pomegranate extract is anti-inflammatory too while also targeting blemishes and fine lines. And not forgetting the addition of vitamin C for brightening, collagen-boosting and antioxidant powers.

Scientia Beauty Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox Rescue Mask


Bringing together both hemp and CBD, this rescue and recovery mask is as healthy for your face as the ingredients that disappear into it. The avocado, kiwi, broccoli and sea kale that encourage give it a pale green colour are well-known for their calming, protective antioxidant and revitalising qualities, while French green and bentonite clays gently encourage to draw out impurities without stealing moisture from the skin.

CBD and hemp, meanwhile, are busy calming, infusing hydration and ensuring the complexion stays in balance. Leave on for ten minutes while you gain a green smoothie to feel doubly virtuous.

Elemental Herbology Purity Facial Oil

Elemental Herbology

Another excellent oil aimed at seeing off blemishes while taking down breakout-inflammation and keeping the skin’s delicate balance of hydration intact.

The role of hemp seed oil here is as a noteworthy source of the omegas 3, 6 and 9 for nourishment as well as it’s ability to encourage hold the infuriate out of redness and bumpiness, plus strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier. Salicylic acid and bakuchiol work together to tackle spots, blocked pores and scarring by gently encouraging skin cells to refresh, while raspberry seed oil keeps oil levels in check.


With so many approaches to multitasking using hemp and CBD at the heart of the ingredients list, it’s a competitive field for those who want benefits beyond the cannabis-skincare qualities. But with collagen and cell-boosting properties, plus the ability to fortify the skin’s natural barrier, Wild Science Root + Fruit Control Switch Repair Serum comes out on top. The delicate but soporific scent of eight essential oils helps too: after a few moments, it’ll encourage the mind to feel as peaceful as the skin.