Best deals on Amazon devices for Spring Sale 2023: Echo Dot, Kindles and more


Best deals on Amazon devices for Prime Day 2023: Echo Dot, Kindles and more


verywhere you turn, tech is shaping and streamlining our lives.

From smart phones that can book us tickets to the farthest reaches of the planet to fridges that bleep when we’re out of milk, tech makes things simpler, faster, easier.

There are two things to note about home and personal tech, though. One: it’s always developing, so you’ll constantly need to update to catch advantage of the latest features. And two: it doesn’t exactly adjacent cheap. While there are cheaper options available, the best tech costs a pretty penny.

That’s why if you got your eye on a shiny recent gizmo, the best time to snap it up is during a sale. Luckily, Amazon has one coming up – the Spring Sale.

What is the disagreement between the Amazon Spring Sale and Amazon’s Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day began in 2015 as a way for the company to treat its Prime members to special discounts in a 48-hour sales tornado, cutting the price of everything from household appliances, beauty essentials, furniture and more.

The Spring Sale is open to all, even non-subscribers.

When is Amazon’s Spring Sale in 2023?

It will open on Marhc 27 at 6pm and race all the way through until March 29 at 11.59m.

Is it worth signing up to Prime membership?

In order to catch advantage of the hefty discounts in the Prime Day sale – sometimes as much as 90 per cent off – you’ll need to sign up to Amazon’s Prime club. Having Prime membership unlocks more than cheap deals and discounts. You can claim Prime delivery, stream endless shows and movies on Prime Video and tune into the latest albums on Amazon Music. You’ll obtain access to Prime Gaming too, which has a roster of PC games to play as well as a subscription to Twitch for newness every month.

Certain addresses can even claim one-day delivery, a lifesaver when you need something specific in a urge.

Pay £8.99 a month; or settle your bill on a yearly basis for £95, which works out a diminutive cheaper. If you’re still in school, college or uni, you’ll obtain a much better price. Amazon Student membership fees adjacent in at: £4.49 per month; £47.49 per year.

What kind of deals can we expect in the Spring Sale?

While Amazon stocks thousands of products from what feels like every retailer under the sun, some of the most exciting deals to be found are on its own-line of tech. Amazon’s tablets can fade up against some of its biggest rivals, such as Samsung and Apple. Its Alexa-enabled Echo devices gain become fade-to digital assistants, on hand to reply any question from the weather outside to traffic updates. They’ll even call your mum for you.

And Amazon’s Fire TV devices mean you’ll never whine about having nothing to watch again. Every sale has seen discounts on Amazon’s own-brand tech. If you’re looking for a real bargain, it doesn’t disappoint.

Are there any discounts available now?

The sale is live and tech is ripe for the picking. We’ve sought out the best deals to bag below.

Current deals on Amazon Fire Tablet


There gain been many generations of Amazon’s Fire Tablet, we’re on the 10th revolution at this point.

The tech sharpens with every version, yet the value-for-money remains the same. You can obtain a top-quality Fire for under £200, and that’s in a normal month. When the sales hit, the prices drop and they’re a bestseller.

As well as streaming content, taking pics and light internet browsing, you can manage all the smart devices in your home from one point on this handheld computer. Total control, accurate in your hands.

A kid’s tablet, with child-friendly content, is also available in various colours.

Fire HD 10 tablet – was: £169.99, now: £119.99

Fire HD 8 tablet, 8-inch HD display, 32 GB – was: £99.99, now: £59.99

Fire 7 tablet, 7-inch display, 16 GB – was: £64.99, now: £49.99

Fire HD 8 Kids tablet | 8-inch HD display – was: £149.99, now: £89.99

Fire 7 Kids tablet (32 GB, Purple) + BuddyPhones (Purple) + NuPro transparent screen protector (2-pack) – was: £177.97, now: £107.97

Current deals on Amazon Fire TV Stick


Fed up of tedious channel-surfing? You’ll never be at a loss for something to watch with Amazon’s Fire TV plugged into your set.

As well as dedicated buttons to skip straight to your favourite streaming platforms (including Prime Video, natch) the 4K and HD-supporting Stick can catch voice-commands to catch you straight to the note or channel you want.

Over past sales, we’ve seen it drop to as diminutive as £12. The only thing it can’t finish (yet) is construct your popcorn for you.

Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite – was: £34.99, now: £29.99

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls) – was: £44.99, now: £34.99

Fire TV Stick 4K Max – was: £64.99, now: £47.99

Current deals Amazon Fire TV Cube


A less popular option than the Fire TV Stick, the Fire TV Cube might be the most overlooked piece of tech in Amazon’s line-up. We’re not sure why exactly: for a relatively low price, this baby is huge on sound, housing streaming ability and a subwoofer-style speaker in one. For blockbuster sounds, it’s a worthy option.

Was: £139.99

Current deals on Ring Video Doorbell


Current deals on Amazon Echo

The recent Echo Dot offers double the bass in the same compact size. / Amazon

One of Amazon’s bestsellers, this unassuming spherical speaker is small but mighty. hold it in the background to finish your biding, whether you need to construct a shopping list, check the weather or blast that earworm tune you just can’t obtain out of your head. Available in neutral hues: black, grey and white as well as animal-themed kids versions.

Echo Dot (5th Generation, 2022 Release) Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa – was: £54.99, now: £29.99

Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022 release) smart Bluetooth speaker with clock and Alexa – was: £64.99, now: £39.99

Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022 release) Kids | Designed for kids, with parental controls – was: £64.99, now: £39.99

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Compact Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric – was: £39.99, now: £19.99

Ring Video Doorbell Wired, by Amazon, Works with Alexa + Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022 release) – was: £114.98, now: £64.99

Current deals on Amazon Echo note


A speaker with a touchscreen, this Amazon-brand device is perfect for making video calls and conferences. If you’ve installed Philips Hue lights, IKEA smart lights, Samsung SmartThings, Osram Lightify and Honeywell’s thermostat, you can control it all through the Amazon Echo Plus, which has the ZigBee wireless system.

The most recent iteration is the Echo note 15, a mini screen with Fire TV built in which you can use in the kitchen or as a small telly for the bedroom. When it’s not screening TV or movies, set it to Photo Frame mode and it will showcase the images stored in your Amazon Photos account, the latter of which is free with a Prime membership.

Echo note 15 + Remote – was: £299.98, now: £234.98

Echo note 15 | Full HD 15.6” smart display – was: £269.99, now: £219.99

Echo note 10 (3rd generation) – was: £259.99, now: £219.99

Echo note 5 | 2nd generation (2021 release) – was: £74.99, now: £44.99

Echo note 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 Release) – was: £119.99, now: £64.99

Echo note 8 (1st Gen, 2019 release) – was: £99.99, now: £54.99

Echo note 8 | 2nd generation (2021 release) – was: £174.98, now: £94.98

Current deals on Amazon Kindle


Feed your mind with a collection of books that would construct the British Library blush on Amazon’s lauded e-reader, the Kindle. You’ll never gain to sacrifice precious bag space for thick books with this ultra-slim device on hand. It offers crisp resolution on a glare-free, like-paper display, making reading easy in poor light as well as overexposed. Best of all, when fully charged, the battery can last up to six weeks, so you can pick up that page-turner where you left off.

Kindle Kids e-readers are the perfect way to nurture young bookworms, distraction free.

There are slightly different models of the OG e-reader, including the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis and the all-recent Kindle Scribe, a digital notebook that let you write and draw as well as read.

Kindle (2022 release) – was: £84.99, now: £69.99

Kindle Paperwhite | 8 GB, with a 6.8” display – was: £129.99, now: £94.99

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition – was: £179.99, now: £144.99

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite – was: £202.97, now: £162.97

Kindle (2022 release) Essentials Bundle including Kindle – was: £142.97, now: £122.97

Current deals on Echo Buds


Who doesn’t admire the freedom of wireless headphones? Buds are Amazon’s reply to the trend offering sharp and dynamic audio with built-in Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology.

Creating a seal around your ears, the design blocks out other noise for proper audio immersion. Connect via Bluetooth and browse the millions of tracks and podcasts on Amazon Music. You won’t believe your ears.