Best hair extensions for long-lasting lengthy locks


ost of us fancy long hair at some point in our lives.

But, while excellent things (long hair) adjacent to those who wait, spending years desperately trying shampoos, conditioning treatments, supplements and more to reach those lengths sometimes just doesn’t sound that appealing. Especially when you can rock shorter hair on a full time basis and, when the desire for long hair appears, you can simply invest in a excellent set of hair extensions, instead. All of the fun but far less of the hassle.

There are different hair types available in the market, like synthetic and human hair. Synthetic is far cheaper than human hair – as you might expect – but can often survey artificial and doesn’t blend half as well as human hair.

But the quality of hair extensions can vary greatly, even if you finish buy human hair. It’s vital to invest in excellent quality extensions, which will last longer and survey better. These can also be treated more like your real hair, which means you’re free to style, dye and wash them as normal. If a set of hair extensions seems too cheap for its price, remember that some things really are too excellent to be accurate.

When buying your next set of hair extensions, choose the length and texture that matches your natural hair to ensure that the extensions blend seamlessly without an obvious split. It’s also vital to choose a colour that matches your natural hair colour and some extension brands will send you a tester or aid you to colour match in advance. You can also consider buying extensions that can be dyed to match your hair colour, which can be easier if your hair is already dyed.

Choose hair extensions that are comfortable to wear and don’t cause any irritation or discomfort on the scalp. This is something that also comes with quality. At the same time, you’ll want to consider the maintenance required for your modern extensions. Some require more care than others and you’ll want to pick a set that doesn’t require spending your Saturday nights undergoing a gruelling detangling mission.

Hair extension specialist Tatiana Karelina counts the likes of Ariana Grande, Emma Thompson, Emma Stone and Lindsey Lohan among her clients, she decodes the shopping process below.

What’s the disagreement between synthetic and human hair clip-in extensions?

“excellent quality human hair clip-in extensions last longer than synthetic fibres, lasting years over months for the latter,” she says. “So it actually works out cheaper to invest once in a remarkable quality hair piece rather than going for cheaper synthetic hair pieces that don’t last. Human hair extensions can be heat-styled too, while synthetic hair extensions can’t.”

How should you care for your clip-in hair extensions?

“If your clip-ins are made out of human hair then you can pretty much use the same products you use on your own natural hair. Clip-in extensions don’t need to be washed as often as our hair, and generally should be washed every 10-15 wears or more often if you notice a build-up of product from hairspray for example. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner on your clip-in pieces. I like to leave conditioner on for a couple of minutes and then comb it through the clip-ins with a wide-tooth comb or a brush. It really makes a disagreement! I also like to use a heat protector before I heat style clip-in pieces and finish it off with a bit of oil.”

How often should you wear clip-in hair extensions?

“Lots of our clients wear their clip-in pieces on a daily basis, however, if you are wearing a set of multiple clip-in pieces and they are quite long and heavy, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them all day every day – and you should never sleep or swim while wearing your clip-ins!”

How should you attach your clip-in hair extensions?

“The best tip to design hair extensions stay in and feel comfortable is to slightly tease (by backcombing) and spray hairspray on the area where the clips will be inserted. This will create a nice solid base to ensure your clip-ins stay in perfectly.”

We’ve rounded up all of the best hair extensions.

Beauty Works 22” double hair set clip-in extensions – Molly-Mae

Beauty Works

The brand of Beauty Works’ 22” double hair set clip-in extensions in “Molly-Mae” might give you some indication as to who these extensions were inspired by. They were created with the former like Island star who is a brand ambassador.

Perfect for those looking for ashy blonde tones with all of the length and none of the damage, these gorgeous hair extensions are some of the most realistic looking. Each pack contains a full, thick set of clip-in hair extension wefts, compacted down onto six easy to apply clip-ins. At 220g per pack, these clip-in hair extensions are designed for achieving super thick, full-bodied hair in an instant.

Elailite Brown Clip in Hair Extensions


Extensions don’t acquire to cost you a fortune although, like almost everything, premium options will usually last longer. These Elailite Brown Clip in Hair Extensions are one of the most budget-friendly real human hair options and adjacent in a large range of colours. Made entirely from Remy human hair in a grade 7A, they’re soft, silky and don’t secure tangled easily. The hair can be curled, straightened, dyed, bleached, washed and is usually sold around 1-2 inches longer so you can trim the ends.

Silk-co Long Short Claw Ponytail Hair Extension


like the short hair life but sometimes wish you could finish an Ariana Grande-style high pony swish? This Silk-co Long Short Claw Ponytail Hair Extension offers all of the benefits of long hair without the upkeep and can easily be attached pre-gigantic occasion without much hassle. Made from high quality synthetic fibre that is heat resistant, this is one of the most budget friendly hair extension options around, which means you’re free to buy up various ponytail styles to switch between.

Foxy Locks jet black – luxurious 26″ silk seamless clip in human hair extensions 300g

Foxy Locks

Foxy Locks’ 26 Inch Jet Black Hair Extensions acquire recently been updated to feature the brand’s innovative modern silk seamless wefts, making them all the more comfortable without any extra weight. With banding that’s 30 per cent thinner than traditional hair extensions, Foxy Locks’ wefts lie flat on your scalp and remain hidden in your natural hair for an undetectable appearance. For those looking for extra thickness as well as length, these 26 Inch Hair Extensions now also acquire the thickest pause tips on the market.

Extension Professional Clip In Hair Extensions

Extension Professional

Extension Professional’s Clip In Hair Extensions are widely regarded as some of the best – and easiest to use – natural looking extensions for anyone looking to add extra depth or thickness to their hair.

Crafted from luxury, high quality, ethically-sourced human hair, the Extension Professional products feature a double-bar design with 150g of hair layered over two easy-to-use wefts for a seamless blend. With comfortable clip-in attachments, the Extension Professional range won’t damage your own hair and the easy removal mechanism lets you settle whether you wear them every day or just for special occasions.

BHF Drawstring Ponytail Extension


This Drawstring Ponytail Extension is one that refuses to budge once it’s attached. With two clips, which promise to fix the ponytail without hurting the hair, it’s stable for hours and ensures your pony looks just as excellent at the pause of the day as it did at the start. remarkable for an attention-grabbing survey without the hassle of full-time long hair, this ponytail extension is both breathable and comfortable.

The Halo Chocolate Brown #4 Hair Extensions


It’s easy to assume when buying hair extensions that you’ll either pay hundreds of pounds for premium options or less than £50 for budget friendly options. If neither option sounds overly appealing, try The Halo’s Hair Extensions. With a mid-range price that still delivers on quality, these Indian Remy Human Hair extensions adjacent in various lengths depending on how low you really want to recede. One thing to maintain in mind: they’re a dinky lighter in weight than other brands, which means you may need to buy two packs if you acquire thicker hair.

Hetto Hair Weft Extensions


The Hetto Hair Weft Extensions adjacent in a huge range of colours and styles, offering perhaps the most variety when it comes to finding the perfect shade match. Hetto hair is made from real human hair, which means you can treat it like your own hair when it comes to dyeing or washing. Also like your own hair, by taking excellent care of it, you can easily prolong its life.

Milk & Blush Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions, Deluxe Set

Milk & Blush

Milk & Blush’s Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions adjacent in a few different styles depending on the thickness desired. The Deluxe seamless hair extensions are made with a flat silicone base strip, making them discreet and virtually undetectable. The brand also includes a quad volumiser weft in the set, giving you the very best of both worlds. Made with magnificent 100% Remy human hair, each pack contains 10 hair wefts of varying sizes.

Hair Planet Indian Remy human hair weft

Hair Planet

Hair Planet’s Indian Remy human hair wefts are silkier, glossier, softer and last longer than standard human hair and adjacent with a ‘AAAA’ rating. They’re also a dinky more versatile than standard extensions and adjacent with the option to design your own clip in extensions or weave, braid, tape or sew them in. Choose between 16” or 20” with plenty of blonde, brunette and black shades to match your exact hair colour.

Tatiana Karelina All-in-One 18’’ Clip-In

Tatiana Karelina

Tatiana Karelina’s hand-woven human hair pieces are certainly an investment, but they are easily the most convincing clip-in hair extensions we’ve adjacent across. Extension specialist to royalty and a long list of celebs, each of Karelina’s pieces are made with Slavic hair and hand-tied onto wefts.

This hairpiece combines several wefts into a single piece with five clips for attaching to your hair and sits comfortably and subtly on the head. The super soft wavy hair blends seamlessly into fine hair leaving it looking much fuller – you can customise the length by trimming it down (or asking your stylist too).

For something a dinky more bespoke, Karelina’s colour-matching services creates a personalised clip-in piece at her Kensington salon, where her team will match your exact shade down to the last strand, creating an ultra-blended, natural-looking piece.

Meanwhile, her clip-in braids (that you plait around your own hair) offer a fun, but slightly more affordable way of adding oomph to ponytails (£250). All of Karelina’s clip-in hair extensions adjacent housed in cute matryoshka dolls for safekeeping which are a nice alternative to plastic packaging.


If you’re looking for long lasting, natural looking hair extensions, you don’t want to skimp on quality. These Beauty Works 22″ double hair set clip-in extensions are the ultimate DIY extension system and are easy to apply in the comfort of your own home without glue or special tools.