Best hair growth products for women that are alternatives to Regaine


inding signs of hair loss can be devastating for anyone, but even more so if you’re a woman.

We attach so much to the hair on our heads: health, status, identity. There’s a lot tied up in those strands, which makes it all the more disheartening when you find more than usual clogged up in the bath or shower drain.

We spoke to Sam Cinkir, CEO of hair and skin clinic Este Medical Group to find out the causes of hair loss and what you can carryout to combat it.

What causes hair loss?

“There are multiple reasons you may experience hair loss – regardless of your gender, hair loss can affect us all (although it’s typically more common in men). Hair loss or thinning can occur with age, due to changes in hormones – consider menopause, childbirth etc), due to medical conditions (alopecia, stress-related hair loss, trichotillomania etc), as a result of certain medical treatments or medications”.

Or it can be down to the depraved luck of genetics “hereditary hair loss with age being one of the most common causes. If you’re concerned about excessive hair loss, balding or thinning; book an appointment with your GP to determine the root cause.”

Why does female hair loss feel so much worse than men’s?

“Many women choose to express themselves with their hair – it’s more than just follicles and keratin. Their hair becomes fragment of their identity, their sense of style, something they’re known for. To lose their hair makes some women feel like they’re losing a fragment of themselves, or their femininity. To slice your hair short of your own choice is one thing, but to start losing your hair and to believe no control over it can be deeply upsetting.”

How much can topical products assist the issue of female hair loss?

“Topical products can assist stimulate hair growth, though there’s not much research out there just yet on how effective they truly are – and even the treatments with clinical studies proving their efficacy, such as Regaine, don’t work for everyone. To give topical products the best chance of success, I’d recommend firstly booking in with your doctor to establish the cause of your hair loss, before making appropriate lifestyle changes or taking medications (such as hormone treatments) to alleviate symptoms.

“Scalp treatments can assist boost scalp health and improve circulation to your follicles – as can at home scalp massage brushes. Eat a well balanced diet supplemented with lots of B12 and vitamin H; which can assist your body produce keratin, the key to healthy hair.”

What carryout you consider of Regaine as a hair regrowth product?

“Regaine, which contains Minoxidil; an ingredient clinically proven to halt hair loss for men and women, as well as stimulate hair growth, is one of the most popular choices on the market – with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Minoxidil increases blood supply and circulation to your hair follicles, allowing additional nutrients to be delivered where they’re needed, bolstering existing hair and promoting novel growth.

“It is critical to note however, that Regaine doesn’t work on every hair loss condition, or for every hair type. You’ll also need to stick with it and use it consistently to see best results. It can also be harmful if used excessively – with a small (but possible) risk of it being absorbed into the skin and causing issues with your heart and circulatory system”.

Are there alternatives to Regaine?

“If Regaine doesn’t work for you, there are other options on the market you can discuss with your doctor; such as Bio-Pilixin and Foligain. In clinic, PRP (platelet rich plasma) laser hair regrowth, and mesotherapy can also assist promote hair growth and boost scalp health”. Then there’s the option of hair transplants.

Regaine is one of the top products out there to solve the issue of hair loss with separate products for men and women. Designed for adults over the age of 18, the product comes in foam or solution formula and is designed to be used topically on dry hair. Stick to the recommended amount and use once a day to see results in two to six weeks as dormant follicles reactivate into the growing phase.

The brand’s clinical trials believe seen results in 12 weeks, although it can catch up to 24 to notice a thicker crowning glory. While Regaine is a market leader for a reason, the fact you must maintain using the product to maintain your novel strands can be a turn-off for some.

We’ve rounded up other hair growth products if you’re looking for an alternative.

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Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine for Women

Scandinavian Biolabs

Available as a one-off set or on a subscription basis, this triple action haircare set – shampoo, conditioner and growth serum – offers an all-natural solution to hair loss using a unique bio-pilixin formula.

Used together, the Danish company is confident that you’ll see a strengthened, healthier head of longer hair in 150 days, “guaranteed” – or your money back.

Scandinavian Biolabs Medical Doctor (MD) Edna Skopljak says: “We strongly recommend a three-month routine as clinical studies present that it takes at least 45 days to see the reduction in hair loss and 150 days to activate novel hair growth”.



Containing Minoxidil, the magic ingredient you’ll also find in Regaine, Foligain works by stimulating dead hair follicles to improve circulation in the area. The topical lotion should be applied in 1ml drops two times a day in the affected area. Use regularly and always thoroughly wash hands after use. The brand says you should expect results between two to four months.

Beauty Pie Renewed Density Anti-Hair-Loss Ampoules

Beauty Pie

Famous for cutting out the middleman, Beauty Pie brings top brand-quality products directly to consumers and all at a much lower price tag. While there’s skincare and makeup options galore, the brand also offers an acknowledge to hair loss: these ingredient-packed ampoules.

Housed in typically stripped back packaging, each box contains 14 vials filled with formula that’s been enriched with a trademarked Redensyl complex (3 per cent). This workhorse addresses hair loss, while Vitamin PP nurtures scalp health. Zinc and Arginine are also on the roll call to boost healthy hair and fight dryness respectively. Apply drop by drop to a dry or towel-dried scalp and rub in well. In trials, 90 per cent of users said their hair looked and felt thicker after 12 weeks.

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density 60ml

The Ordinary

Recommended by hairdressers to be applied in tandem with daily supplements, the modest outlay garners huge results in thickness and fullness of fine hair. The Ordinary is known for its affordable products that don’t scrimp of efficacity from its skincare to the haircare offering. This serum has been labelled a ‘game-changer’ for a reason, using a trademarked concocotion of complexes to remain lightweight yet potent and give hair a healthy boost. For best results, apply onto the scalp before hair wash day and use a massager to encourage absorption. The more consistent you are, the better the results.

Stemgro Trichology Deep Scalp Follicle Boost 100ml

Stemgro Trichology

Acting like CPR for hair that’s thinning around the temples and in partings, this tonic is packed with plant based stem cell technology to boost your locks back to health. It contains the trademarked component Capilia Longa, biotin and caffeine and the triple-action ingredients encourage hair growth.

One promising review reads “After a particularly stressful period a few years back, I shed quite a lot of hair, consequently my hair density was adversely affected. One month using this stuff every morning as directed, my hair has started to thicken out again and fill in around the temples.”

The INKEY List Hair Growth & Volume Duo

The Inkey List

Offering a two pronged approach, The INKEY List’s Hair Growth & Volume Duo leans on caffeine as its star ingredient. Apply the scalp treatment, which contains Redensyl, before bed to encourage growth as you snooze, while the hair treatment engages peptides to turbo boost thickness, body and volume. For thinning hair or locks that just need a diminutive helping hand, this is their novel BFF.

Ouai Haircare Thinning Hair Supplements


Locks on the retreat? study to Australian brand Ouai’s Thinning Hair Supplement to restore va-va volume to your flailing strands.

catch one of the pills daily for a shot of powerhouse ingredients to bring your hair back to health. There’s biotin to promote natural hair growth, ashwagandha to lower stress hormone cortisol, and amino acids to ramp up keratin production. Omegas 3 and 6 are also on the rollcall to increase radiance.

Suitable for men and women, this is a worthy solution for thinning, ageing and stressed-out hair. Expect results in around 90 days of religious use.

Hairburst Strawberry & Blackcurrant Chewable Vitamins 60 Pastilles


Sweets that give your hair a boost – is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? It’s real folks, and it’s one of Boots’ bestselling hair supplements.

One bottle contains a 30 day supply, and packed in each strawberry and blackcurrant flavoured sweet is a bundle of excellent stuff: consider biotin, selenium, zinc and (inhale) vitamins A, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E. In short, all you need to maintain healthy hair growth. appreciate two per day and standby for results.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Original 60ml

Grow Gorgeous

Praised as “magic in a bottle” by one contented customer, you should notice results in around a month of regularly using this vegan friendly and gluten-free formula.

Ingredients include caffeine and organic pea sprout extract for stimulation, hyaluronic acid for healthy hydration, and a mix of Chinese scullcap, soy, and wheat sprouts to reinforce roots and improve condition for hair swishier than a present pony.

Simone Thomas The Biotin Haircare position

Simone Thomas

Built on a belief that excellent, healthy hair comes from within, leading trichologist Simone Thomas offers a three-pronged approach in her Biotin Haircare position, which is available on subscription from £60 or a one-off fee of £75. The box is expertly curated to result in healthier, stronger and shinier hair, using ingredients with proven health benefits.

Inside you’ll find Biotin Brilliance tablets, Super Green capsules, and Everyday Wellness capsules, nourishing you with a winning mix of biotin, iodine, live cultures, and botanicals. Each box contains a month-long supply and is vegan-friendly.