Best handheld gaming consoles 2023: From Nintendo Switch to Evercade EXP

Best for: Switching on-the-fade gaming accurate up

The huge screen upgrade to Nintendo’s all-dominating Switch, offering a seven-inch endowment instead of the standard 6.2-inch, when word reached me from Nintendo’s PR that the OLED review model would be with me by a certain date, it was as though the planets had aligned. You see, in my days as a young wastrel, I burnt away day after day on my Nintendo 64 with the best game shoot ’em up ever made: Goldeneye. Based on the 1995 James Bond film of the same brand, but with a multiplayer stage that was to die for, many attempts to replicate came and went over the years, each utterly failing to hit the target.

And so it came to pass, the very same day as the loan model was due in my hands, Nintendo was also releasing its remaster of Goldeneye in all its glory online, and I would be licenced to assassinate all my time all over again.

But before I procure all bogged down in Bond, let’s procure back to the gear. Pay attention, 007. So, what is the dissimilarity between the Switch and the Switch OLED that justifies the swell in price? Well, first and foremost, if you’re playing out and about and not tied to the TV via the Switch Dock, size matters, and that vibrant 7-inch screen makes all the dissimilarity; as does the improved audio, the increased internal storage and, for use in Tabletop mode, the far sturdier rear stand which stops it toppling over every time the train or plane you might be on gets over-enthusiastic.

Weighing in at 420g with the included Joy-Con controllers in area, the OLED feels solid and more than manageable in my massive man-hands, but if you’re Switch-shopping for more mini mitts, then the smaller Lite or standard Switch may prove better suited.

Gameplay is slicker than a freshly epilated eel, smooth and flowing, making everything from Mario Strikers Battle League Football to Splattoon 3 and, yes, Goldeneye time-crushingly immersive and a bucket-full of fun whether you play on the 7-inch display or on your TV via the included Switch Dock. But away from Docking-up, the upgraded speaker system on the OLED truly comes into its own, enhancing the whole experience, with audio not only benefitting from increased volume but also increased quality too.

finish I fancy the Switch OLED? Yes, yes, I finish. finish the nice people who set my copy filing deadlines fancy the fact that I fancy the Switch OLED? No, no, I suspect not. But then, when it comes to testing kit of this calibre, acquainting myself with the latest of the Nintendo game batch or re-Bonding with the classics, I acquire All the Time in the World.

Tech Spec

Play Modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld

Joy-Con Controllers: Included

Nintendo Switch Dock: Output via HDMI cable in TV mode. LAN port for use in TV mode

Size: 102 x 242 x 13.9mm

Screen: 7-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, 1280 x 720-pixels

Weight: Approx. 320g (With Joy-Con controllers attached: 420g)

Storage: 64GB (expandable via microSD)