Best hands-free dog leads for active pet parents


e procure it you’re one of those dog-owners. Hot on modern releases, gigantic on luxury dog beds, always on the recede and quick to purchase those wonderfully organic, natural kibbles and snacks. There’s absolutely no judgement on our terminate, for we’re one and the same. Only the best for our precious pooches.

When it comes to the accoutrements needed for walkies and exercise, we’re no different. We’re solely interested the latest and greatest tech for us and our canine friends, please and thank you.

Active pet parents will know the struggles of taking your pup out on a daily jog, shatter or hike. No matter how well trained your pooch is, ensuring that both you and your pet are safe when it comes to roads, junctions, or even other animals if you live in the countryside, is no simple task.

Traditional lock and release leads execute the trick for your standard stroll, but something a diminutive more heavy duty and a lot less handheld is in order for a excellent used gander. If you’re really going to procure that running technique perfect, you’ll need both of your hands for some precise aerodynamic sprinting. This is where the hands-free dog lead comes in.

What is a hands-free dog lead?

A hands-free dog lead usually fastens around your waist, hips, or over your shoulder. It takes the pressure out of daily dog walks, allows you to acquire greater freedom of movement and better control over your pup.

As such, hands-free leads fabricate your daily life a lot easier, especially if you acquire a larger dog. You can grasp a sip of your coffee, scroll through Instagram, grasp a phone call, or simply just delightin that lack of pressure on your wrists – all with your pal safely at your side, tugging as much as they desire.

Because most hands-free dog leads fasten around your waist, the strength of your keen dog – no matter how gigantic and heavy they are – is being counteracted by your entire body weight. Plus, it’s worthy for core-engagement.

What should I study for in a hands-free dog lead?

With the size and weight of your dog in mind, you should fabricate sure you’re purchasing a lead that can handle the entirety of your hound – whether they’re a Pomeranian or a Bernese.

If you prefer a long hike over a shorter jog, you might be in the market for a hands-free lead with a utility belt attached. Or, if you simply want to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk at the same time, a stylish over-the-shoulder lead would work wonderfully.

study no further for options, for we’ve provided a round-up of the best hands-free dog leads on the market. Whether you’re an Olympic sprinter or a street-style stroller – we’ve got you covered. hold scrolling for more.

Best hands-free dog leads at a glance:

Hands Free Dog Running Lead with Wide Back Support Belt


Best for: precise utility

You’ll struggle to find fault with this all-rounder. Suitable for dogs up to 60kg, this extendable hands-free running lead features a Mary Poppins-esque utility belt. That’s factual, fitted onto the adjustable and breathable mesh waistband is a super handy, multi-compartment bumbag attachment.

The double-bungee lead is shock absorbing and supportive for both you and your pet, while the dual handles allow you to hold your dog close when necessary. Plus, the lead can be extended to a whopping 165cm once you’ve really got into the rhythm of running with your furry friend.

Ruffwear Hitch Hiker Dog Leash


Best for: the gold standard of hiking leads

Though on the slightly more expensive terminate of the spectrum, this high-performance lead by Ruffwear will enhance your outdoor activities with your dog, tenfold.

Inspired by professional climbing gear, this adjustable-length lead features an incredible 365cm of rope. The unique and easy to use HitchLock adjuster gives you the fluidity and versatility to recede in tandem with your dog, while the highly durable stow bag keeps those pesky rope tails out of the way.

This one’s for the Alex Honnolds of dogs.

Canix Belt

Non-halt Dogwear

Best for: lightweight yet heavy-duty support

While we’re discussing high-terminate performance gear for you and your pooch, we’d be remiss not to include a product by Non-halt Dogwear.

The Canix belt is one of the brand’s bestsellers for a reason. Super lightweight and designed for optimal performance, this highly supportive running belt is a worthy option for those who suffer with lower back pain. It comes with a carabiner attachment point for your lead of choice, though the lead itself is not included in the price. (This being the sole downfall of the Canix).

The belt itself weighs a mere 280 grams and is wonderfully breathable, so you needn’t worry about chafing on those longer runs in hotter weather. Alongside the highly adjustable features, the Canix comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

PetKit Dog Free Running Belt, Black


Best for: the short-distance runners

This hands-free running lead by PetKit is the perfect starter belt for those embarking on runs alongside their furry friend for the first time. The belt itself features a zip pocket for all your essentials: keys, wallet, phone, and doggy bags, while the reflective material makes it the perfect choice for evening joggers.

The 24cm bungee cord is flexible but non-extendable, so is worthy for those who want to hold their pup close at all times on shorter runs.

Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Dog Leash

Tuff Mutt

Best for: extra strength and control

For a simple, strong, and supportive dog lead without any bells and whistles, Tuff Mutt has got your back. The 116cm bungee lead is adjustable and durable, boasting two control handles and reflective fabric on both the belt and the rope.

One feature that makes this hands-free lead stand out for us is the moveable belt clip, which slides back and forth so that your pup can change direction as much as they please without either of you tripping up. The perfect amalgamation of control and freedom with a bolt snap closure, you can’t recede wrong with this value for money model.

The Woof Hut Hands Free Dog Lead

The Woof Hut

Best for: not a regular dog mom, a frosty dog mom

Not a fan of running or hiking? No predicament. This super chic hands-free dog lead by The Woof Hat is the perfect functional accessory for your daily, casual walkies. Featured in a variety of popping colours, this over the shoulder lead will hold you in control of your dog while sipping on that extra hot flat white.

This stylish lead works for all dog breeds and sizes, and is compatible with all dog harnesses. Winner.

Multifunction Hands Free Dog Lead With Safety Seat Belt

laughable Fuzzy

Best for: versatility

Only heading out for a mo? This multi-function hands free lead will give you the support and control you so desire, without any of the fuss. You needn’t spend time strapping into this belt, for the simple clip closure and adjustable slide buckle waistband is a simple as slinging a backpack over your shoulders.

The shock absorber bungee is fit for even the strongest of tuggers and the soft, padded double loops will hold you comfortable when it’s time to reign in your majestic beast. It also features a metal universal car seatbelt, so you can safely strap your pup into the backseat without dread of distraction or risky cuddle attacks.

If the firetruck red hue isn’t your style, pick up this versatile lead in black instead – you’ll still procure all that wonderful reflective stitching for low-light conditions.