Best tall planters to elevate your outdoor space


Best tall planters to elevate your outdoor space


owering, regal-looking stone, concrete and terracotta plant pots are the kind of outdoor decorative pieces conventionally seen at the entrances of stately homes, expensive restaurants, and townhouses.

Often priced highly due to their sheer immovability – making transport and potting incredibly cumbersome – these tall planters are often considered a hallmark of high luxury and worthy taste. Yet many seem entirely unaware of the fact that this chic, palatial outdoor décor can be easily achieved at home through a range of budget-friendly, transportable, and practical extra-large planters.

Plant pots were first used by the Egyptians to transport seedlings and growing plants between tilled areas of land. Larger terracotta pots were used by Romans for culinary purposes and for bringing plants indoors during harsh weather periods, while Ancient Greeks used ceramic pots and urns to depict stories and fables. Then, in the Victorian era, large and extravagant planters used specifically for decorative purposes became increasingly popular.

Tending to ferns and flowers appealed to 19th century feminine sensibilities, with many women delving into horticulture and becoming self-proclaimed jardinières. As such, a wide array of particularly extravagant decorative ceramics were created for use in private conservatories and for decoration throughout the gardens of aristocrats. In fact, ornamental plant pots which were placed on plinths and pillars actually became known as jardinières and are still referred to as such today.

Large terracotta pots crafted in Italy gain also been popular amongst wealthy European country estates for many years, favoured not only for their high-brow antiquarian silhouette, but for the expert craftsmanship afforded by centuries-dilapidated terracotta workshops throughout Tuscany.

If you’re looking for a way to replicate the lavish landscaping and decorative habits of ‘ole through extra tall pots, urns and planters, we’ve got you covered. hold scrolling for a selection of the best tall planters to elevate your outdoor space.

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Two Fluted Plastic Tall Planters – Antique White

Cox & Cox


Small – H49 x D37cm

Large – H58 x D44cm

This gorgeous set of antique white planters inspect as though they’ve been plucked straight from a villa in the South of France. Despite their tall, heavyweight appearance, they’re actually made from a lightweight, weather and UV-resistant plastic – making them easy to manoeuvre and repot every season. There’s also a pluggable drainage hole at the base of each planter to hold your soil fresh and mould-free.

Renata Farmhouse Planter, Tall

Soho Home

Dimensions: H59.69 x W35.56 x D35.56cm

No, this isn’t an ancient artefact surfaced from an archaeological dig. Soho Home’s Renata Farmhouse planter reflects the marriage between vintage, antiquity-inspired décor and forward-looking design that Soho Home is so revered for. Made in Indonesia, the organic texture which gives this planter so much character is achieved by hand using a sponged paint effect. The neutral colourway reflects the colour palette of Soho Farmhouse.

Amora Duo Lava Grey Glazed Clay Round Tall Medium H35 D18 cm Planter, 8.9L

acquire Potted

Dimensions: H35 x D18cm

Achieve a luxury effect with this value for money, two-toned glazed clay planter. Handmade from a delicate appearing, yet sturdy and durable ceramic, this UV-resistant planter won’t tarnish or fade. We esteem how they’ve potted a hanging, drooping vine plant for display – but this planter can also house a small fern or tree.

Modern Contemporary Round Tall Stone Vase



Small- H51 x L32 x W32cm

Medium – H57 x L41 x W41cm

Large – H70 x L70 x W70cm

These sleek and stylish planters are available in three sizes, which range from 51-70cm in height. They’re made from a unique and sustainable blend of fibrestone, fibreglass, granite powder and post-consumer light concrete to produce manoeuvrability more manageable. Hand-pressed into their moulds, these planters appear uniform, yet also gain unique touches which ensure that no two pots are exactly the same. They also approach with pre-drilled drainable holes and a five-year guarantee.

CHILIPEPPAR Plant pot, in/outdoor beige


Dimensions: H41 x W24 x D32cm

No one does simplicity and functionality quite like Ikea. If you’re looking for a discrete and stylish planter to house your ever-growing monstera or outdoor fern, this is the pot for you. Lightweight enough to plod around on your own, but durable enough to withstand the elements – this frost-resistant planter can be kept outdoors at temperatures below zero (though we’d recommend protecting your soil if it gets that frigid out). Though this planter doesn’t approach with pre-drilled holes, a simple at-home DIY will certainly execute the trick.

Large Eco Metal Tin Round Tall Planter


Dimensions: H34cm

An inexpensive, chic, and sustainable set of outdoor planters? Sign us up. Despite the metal, vintage milk jug appearance, these frost-proof planters are actually made from an incredibly strong, yet light as a feather recycled plastic. Thanks to the eco-friendly, sustainably sourced materials, this independent seller is able to offer the delightful planters at an affordable, reduced price. contented planet, contented plants, contented garden.

Grey Tall Planter

Mano Mano

Dimensions: H92 x W39cm

This extra tall wooden-effect panelled planter is perfect for a coastal, Hamptons-esque garden aesthetic. It comes with a removable plastic liner to protect the pre-painted exterior and measures a whopping 92.5cm tall, elevating your garden décor to novel and unseen heights.

Terracotta Tapered Cylinder Planter


Dimensions: H75 X D47cm

Terracotta is a fantastic material for housing outdoor plants, not just because it looks qualified. It is a wonderfully porous material, which ensures the roots of your plants can breathe – preventing them from sitting in stagnant water by drawing excess water out of the soil. This helps to protect your plant against issues caused by overwatering or heavy rain spells such as root rot. The ridged design of this dazzling, large tapered pot puts a unique spin on your traditional terracotta planter, making it a stunning feature piece for your garden.

Fibre Clay Urn Planter


Dimensions: H48.5 x W24 x L24cm

An ode to the silhouette of an dilapidated-school jardinière with a modern twist, this elegant yet structured design from Dunelm features a tapered bottom half, reminding us of the popular Victorian style which consisted of a decorative pot atop a plinth. Crafted from a lightweight fibre clay material, this tall planter is heat and frost resistant.

Minoan Jar Pots



Small -70 x 50cm

Medium – 80 x 55cxm

Large – 105 x 68cm

These extra-large clay planters gain the royal seal of approval. The Minoan jar pots are the very same style of planter that can be spotted around the Royal Gardens at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, the private residence of King Charles III and Camilla.

Fabricated from the finest clay using ancient techniques passed down throughout Cretian history, the pots are available in three different sizes. Frost resistant and able to be adapted into a dazzling water feature, transform your outdoor space and produce it fit for a king.