Best unusual Easter eggs of 2023 for a weird and wonderful gift


Best unusual Easter eggs of 2023 for a weird and wonderful gift


aster only rivals Chrtistmas for childlike excitement, whatever your age. For while the tree is back in the cupboard and baubles believe been carefully wrapped in tissue paper for an 11-month hibernation, it’s thoughts of savory Easter eggs that hold us looking forward to the spring.

Easter usually takes spot in April, although the date tends to recede around in accordance with the lunar calendar. For the pub quizzers: it takes spot on the first full moon on or after 21 March (the Spring Equinox). This year, apt Friday takes spot on April 7, Easter Sunday on April 9 while Easter Monday will be marked after the weekend on April 10.

So, the countdown is well and truly on to find an Easter egg that’ll blow all the others out of the water. Whether you’re looking for a chocolatey confection for friends, family or just to feast on yourself, there’s plenty of choice on offer. Who needs the Easter Bunny anyway?

From giant orbs of milk chocolate to hand painted eggs that belong on an art gallery plinth, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect Easter egg. But if this year is the one you really want to push the boat out, welcome to the heady world of the UK’s weird and wonderful Easter eggs.

These are creations that will either leave you gobsmacked in awe, rubbing your hands with glee or reaching for your phone to display off – as we must with all clever puny morsels we’re about to shove in our gobs – on your socials. The best ones will believe you doing all three.

Feeling hyped? apt. obtain ready to dive in and shop our list of the best – before they sell out.

Let’s obtain cracking

Pierre Marcolini Egg on Flowers on two drawers

Pierre Marcolini

Chocolate is less treat and more lifeblood at luxury chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. Every year the Brussels-based shop pulls out all the stops with sugary creations to sate the sweet tooth of the country’s most discerning Easter egg-eaters. This year the collection is inspired by the tropics.

Perched on two drawers filled with murky, milk and white chocolate praline eggs and chocolate animals, sits the star of the display: a giant chocolate and praline egg. Emerging from water-lily leaves rendered in rich chocolate, it’s further adorned with dragonflies made from three different types of chocolate. This design is currently only available to buy in-store.

Morrisons all-cheese Easter eggs


Who needs choc when you can believe cheese? Morrisons is saving Easter for shoppers who prefer curds over confectionary with two egg-shaped cheeses in its seasonal collection. Choose from the handmade Lancashire & Cheddar or Stratford Blue Soft Cheese Easter Eggs, each just £5. savory over Easter crumpets or as a fun cheeseboard centrepiece, they’re available in-store and online from March 29.

Chocolatician murky chocolate and Bronze Cumberbunny


We very much hope BAFTA award-winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch is aware of this whimsical chocolatey catch on his likeness from independent confectionery artist, Chocolatician.

The Imitation Game star’s face has been placed on a Belgian murky chocolate bunny body, complete with ears and a fluffy tail before being dusted in edible gold for apt measure. The final detail of a bow tie ensures he’s ready to catch fragment in the festivities.

The hand-moulded piece has a shelf-life of six months, although if you’re looking for a reason as to why, of all A-list actors, this company has decided to honour the Batch – well, it’s a mystery fit for Sherlock himself.

Betty’s Spring Bloom Easter Egg


Can’t obtain up to Yorkshire for a visit of Betty’s legendary tea rooms? Why not bring a piece of its Easter collection to your door instead? This year’s range is the most persuasive yet – catch this limited edition silver lustre egg, hand finished with pretty icing illustrating seasonal flowers and bumblebees. This is one of the more modestly-priced eggs in the range. If you’re hosting a hunt or an Easter party, the 55cm high, 5.4kg Imperial egg (pictured factual) will guarantee the gasps of awe your ears ache to hear (£375).

Butlers Farmhouse Cheese Cheddar Cheese Easter Egg Letterbox Gift

Butlers Farmhouse Cheese

More of a savoury person? There’s no need to sit out Easter gorging with this letterbox hamper, which includes a cheddar cheese egg, along with Peter’s Yard crispbread and a jar of Tracklements Sticky Fig Relish. Deliveries are from March 20 and you should store in the fridge until you’re ready to scoff the lot.

M&S Fried Egg Choccorn


M&S has upended the egg box this year to present an Easter collection that reinvests how we’ll eat our choc this year. catch this ‘fried egg’ for example, made of a base of sweet and salty popcorn ‘white’ and anchored with a ‘yolk’ made of salted caramel sauce. Perfect if you’re looking for a legit way to believe chocolate for breakfast.

ALDI Dairyfine Sundaes


The ALDI Easter range is only available in store but you will find unique and novelty creations like the Dairyfine Sundaes. Taking the concept of an Easter egg and running with it, the budget supermarket has created two flavours to mimic that of an indulgent ice cream sundae.

The first, Strawberry Sundae, has a pink chocolate shell adorned with white chooclate drizzle, strawberry pieces and mini eggs. The second is the Chocolate Fudge Sundae made from milk chocolate and embellished with a caramel chocolate drizzle, mini eggs and fudge pieces. Both are then topped with glace cherry.

World’s Smallest Easter Egg – Pack of 5


If you want to tickle friends and family with a novelty treat, you can find these teeny, individually-wrapped and boxed eggs at Amazon. A fun sweet to hand out at parties or fabricate a hunt particularly challenging, each purchase includes five solid chocolate eggs. Let the games commence!

Niederegger Nostalgic Marzipan Eggs, 100g


For the marzipan lover in your life, you can’t fade wrong with a gift from Niederegger. It presents its egg in a traditional egg-shaped box, illustrated with a family of rabbits. Inside individually wrapped marzipan, also egg-shaped, are ready to satisfy their sweet tooth.

The Chocolate Gifting Company Hot Air Balloon white chocolate Easter egg 300g

The Chocolate Gifting Company

catch to the skies this Easter with an egg ready for adventures. Made with premium white chocolate and speckled with candy-coloured chocolate speckles, this hot air balloon is the travel mode of choice for the Easter Bunny. A delightful creation the whole family can tuck into.

Montezuma’s Frizzle murky Chocolate Hen with Cocoa Nibs, 200g


It’s the age-aged question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Montezuma takes the side of poultry with this Easter-ready treat, shaped like a plump hen. Made with rich murky chocolate, it’s one for adults with a taste for the finer things.

Fortnum & Mason Hand-Painted Chick Easter Egg

Fortnum & Mason

Almost too dazzling to eat, this Easter egg features a hand painted chick design that will be followed with awe when unwrapped. Ideal for gifting, the piece of food art has been made from Colombian milk chocolate, cocoa solids and a white chocolate layer and then decorated using natural pigments by chocolatiers in Wales.

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg Plus Blood Orange Truffles 260g


Orange and chocolate obtain along famously, but Lindt is taking it one step further with a blood orange infusion for one of its Easter eggs this year. Inside the extra-large milk chocolate shell, you’ll find a bounty of the chocolatier’s truffles, spiked with tart blood orange to counteract the sweetness.

Venchi 1879 Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts Gourmet Egg


If you’re in the market for elegant sustenance, survey no further than the Harrods food hall – which you can also shop from its website. This Venchi egg is the attention-grabbing egg you believe been searching for.

With experience that dates back closely 150 years, it’s a chocolatier that knows its way around an Easter egg. Balancing smooth milk chocolate with an inner layer of crunchy hazelnuts, it’s at once a flavour and texture explosion.

Rococo Vegan Easter Chocolate Egg


Calling all vegans! You can obtain luxury plant-based chocolate, too.

Not only is the Rococo chocolate egg vegan, but each of the extra surprises inside is shaped like your favourite veggies (we’re talking carrots, spinach and sweetcorn), and is flavoured with them, too.

Your five-a-day never tasted so apt.

Harvey Nichols Everything’s Golden murky Chocolate Praline-Filled Easter Egg with Praline Truffles 1kg

Harvey Nichols

Praline and chocolate… brand a better duo. That’s factual, we can’t either.

From the praline and hazelnut filled outer shell to the melt-in-the-mouth truffles, everything about Harvey Nichols’ golden egg wins the first spot award in our books. It’s no wonder considering it’s handmade in Notting Hill by an award winning confectioner.

Joe & Seph’s Chocolate Popcorn Mini Eggs

Joe & Seph’s

This may believe the survey of a sharing pouch with a resealable lip to hold the 60g stash of popcorn-studded mini eggs fresh, but we’d be amazed if you didn’t polish off the lot in a single sitting. Half egg shells of milk chocolate surround salted caramel-flavoured popcorn and are small enough to pop into your mouth at a dizzying speed. The irresistible combo of sweet-salt means it has family-wide appeal but we contemplate it’s best for everyone if you happen to find and indulgein them on your own private hunt.

Also available from the brand.

Daylesford Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Filled Egg


Your search for the golden egg stops at Daylesford. The organic food company is offering something very special for Easter celebrations this year: a perfect life-sized egg made with sustainable Peruvian cacao given the Midas touch. Weighing 50g, it’s a sweet to indulgein solo and the wooden egg cup can be continued to be used for eggs and soldiers breakfasts afterwards.

Ladurée White Green Chocolate Rabbit


It doesn’t obtain sweeter than Ladurée‘s collection of chocolate rabbits, ready to hop into Easter celebrations. Available in murky, milk and pink coloured chocolate, and with a flower crown fixed upon its ears, each bunny comes housed in the French brand’s chic floral boxes made especially for the season.

M&S Colin and the Easter Chick


Not exactly an egg, but who doesn’t believe space at the table for a seasonal Colin the Caterpillar? For Easter, he’s joined by a very odd yet savory-looking ‘chick’. The half size cakes promise to bring laughs and appreciation to any parties you’re holding, or going to, over the long weekend.

Claridge’s Easter Eggs


Handcrafted over a period of three days, a noteworthy deal of crafstmanship has gone into Claridge’s Easter Eggs – alongside a apt helping of the finest chocolate for the shell which is filled with savory hazelnut and almond praline gull’s eggs.

Available in milk, murky or white, each style is wrapped in stylish monochrome Art Deco foil and is encased in the hotel’s signature jade box. Decadence at its best.