Best vegan Easter eggs of 2023: Delicious options for dairy-free celebrations


s we get older, our love for chocolate never ceases. However, our tolerance for it just might. You know that old saying, adored by grandmothers and aunties alike, “I love chocolate, but chocolate doesn’t love me.”

Whether you’ve developed a certain intolerance to dairy, or you’ve been a top-notch ethical vegan for a good while time now, the advent of the Easter season is no easy ride. Milk chocolate lines the shelves of supermarkets and department stores, while Simnel cakes, hot cross buns and other creamy treats taunt you wherever you step.

Dark chocolate is perfectly suitable for those with dairy-free tendencies and the rich, decadent taste can satisfy one’s cravings just fine. Nevertheless, plant-based milk alternatives mean we’re also able to enjoy lighter, sweeter desserts without any of the guilt or allergy flare ups.

Thankfully for us dairy intolerant, vegan chocolate has come leaps and bounds in the last few years. With the ingenuity of brands such as H!P, M&S Plant Kitchen and NOMO, a deliciously chocolate-filled easter is finally on the cards for every vegan and dairy-free folk.

Never again shall you watch the rest of your family tuck into their very own oversized Easter egg, adorned with the sweetest of candies and sprinkles. This year, you’ll have your very own delicious treat.

Keep scrolling for a selection of the best vegan Easter eggs available now.

NOMO Cookie Dough Egg & Bunny


Delightfully decadent and oh so sweet, NOMO has answered all our vegan chocolate prayers with this innovative cookie dough flavour. Both gluten and dairy free, this delicious chocolate egg and bunny combo is Rainforest Alliance-certified and weighs in at a generous 160 grams. A perfect gift for Easter.

Salty Pretzel Oat M!lk Chocolate Easter Egg


Here at ES Best, we’re no strangers to the wonders of H!P and the Oat M!lk chocolates. With our favourite flavour being the brand’s salty pretzel blend, you can imagine our squeals when this gigantic Easter egg made from the very same chocolate was announced. Though slightly on the pricier side, you won’t regret scooping up this 41 per cent cocoa and ethically sourced Easter egg.

Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg

Moo Free

This scrumptious vegan Easter egg may at first appear hollow, but it is chock-full of white cocoa-y goodness and vegan marshmallows. Moo Free has certainly rejected the boring, dairy-free dark chocolate blends of time gone by with this ‘Choccy Eggsplosion’ – and we couldn’t be happier.

Vegan Milk Chocolate Sprinkle Egg


This multicoloured sprinkle-adorned vegan Easter egg looks as good as it tastes. Hand-decorated and topped with a lovely bow, all that’s left to do is to add this egg to your basket. It is worth nothing that while suitable for vegans, this chocolate is made in the same factory as the brand’s dairy chocolate. As such, you might want to give this one a miss if your allergies are severe.

M&S Plant Kitchen Foiled Hollow Vegan Bunny


Simple and effective, this cute little bunny from M&S Plant Kitchen will satisfy your Easter sweet tooth without overwhelming the palette. Enjoy an ear or two with a nice cup of herbal tea, sit back, relax and watch the springtime roll in.

Doisy & Dam Vegan Dark Chocolate Good Eggs 75g

Doisy & Dam

A vegan alternative to mini eggs? Absolutely. The brand’s motto is ‘better ingredients, better ethics, better chocolate’ – and the latter is certainly true compared to the disappointing plant-based alternatives of time gone by.

Crafted from 70 per cent dark Colombian chocolate with that classic sugary, crisp shell, the reviews for this choccy speak volumes. They’re made without a drop of palm oil (celebrate Palm Sunday ethically this year) and taste just as good as the regular kind of mini eggs.

Buttermilk Vegan Honeycomb Choccy Egg with Honeycomb Blast Snack Bar


Since going vegan, have you desperately missed the creamy and crisp taste of a good old Crunchie bar? If so, this plant-powered chocolate by Buttermilk has got you covered. Dairy free, palm oil free and gluten free, this honeycomb crisp chocolate egg and snack bar combo will sort out your sweet tooth this Easter and beyond.

Unbelievably Vegan* Rabbert Tiddly Pot

Hotel Chocolat

For those that don’t want to push the chocolate boat out too far, you can still enjoy a small, sweet treat come Easter day. This pot of chocolate drops is made using Hotel Chocolat’s signature Unbelievably Vegan recipe which includes finely ground hazelnuts that’ll prevent you from being able to tell the difference between this chocolatey goodness and the kind that contains dairy.

Oat M!lk Chocolate Bunny in a Box (vf)


Sitting at 12cm tall and crafted in a wonderfully creative geometric bunny mould, this modern looking treat is made from 43 per cent Colombia origin chocolate and Oat M!lk, as well as gluten-free oat powder. Enjoy a creamy, milk chocolate taste without any of the dairy and any of the guilt for this chocolate is sustainable and ethically sourced. Hoppy Easter indeed.

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