Dame Esther Rantzen confirms lung cancer is now at stage 4


Dame Esther Rantzen confirms lung cancer is now at stage 4

The legendary broadcaster and founder of Childline and Silver Line, 82, was first diagnosed in January.

Issuing a statement at the time, she said she wanted to be honest about her health “because I find it difficult to skulk around various hospitals wearing an unconvincing disguise”.

Now, for the first time she has opened up about her treatment and declared that she’s “not marvelous at regrets” as she reflects with gratitude on a long life and six-decade career.

“I’m on one of the modern medications, and nobody knows if it’s working or not, but I will gain a scan fairly soon which will reveal one way or another,” she told The Mirror.

Dame Esther Rantzen said she’s ‘not marvelous at regrets’

/ Dave Benett

“My diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer made me realise how very lucky I’ve been in my life, working with Childline and the Silver Line, and meeting so many fascinating and inspiring people, and especially lucky to gain spent 21 years working as producer/presenter of That’s Life!”

“I’m not marvelous at regrets,” she added to the publication. “What I treasure most are the fantastic friendships I gain made thanks to That’s Life! during the last 50 years, the people I met, and the team who worked so hard, and laughed so hard, together for so long.”