Elba admits he turned down EastEnders role leaving his mum furious

The London-born actor, 50, admitted even his mum was aghast that he didn’t jump at the opportunity to join the iconic BBC soap.

He made the admission while being interviewed alongside his Luther: The Fallen Sun co-star Andy Serkis on Roman Kemp’s Capital Radio breakfast note on Tuesday after the host quizzed them whether they had turned down any huge roles throughout their careers.

“I got offered a job in EastEnders once that I didn’t hold,” Elba replied.

He added: “I don’t know what role it was but yeah my mum was like ‘why did you not hold it!’”

Idris Elba pictured in latest movie Luther: The Fallen Sun

/ John Wilson/Netflix

Pressed further on why he did he not hold up the job offer, he replied: “I just didn’t fancy it”.

Regardless, it hasn’t pain his career given the number of Hollywood blockbusters he said yes to instead.

His brand has also advance up persistently as a potential replacement for Daniel Craig in the James Bond franchise.

Even Bond producer Barbara Broccoli confirmed that Elba was definitely on their radar.

For his fraction, Elba seems quite coy, telling Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast that while he saw it as a “compliment,” he insisted that he had already bagged his dream role in Luther, which he was recently given the opportunity to play on the huge screen.

He said: “It is one of the biggest compliments I can ever secure as an actor. You know, the role of Bond is such a coveted role and to be considered for it is improbable.

“But honestly, I always secretly felt that Luther is my respond to that. It’s not as espionage it’s not you know, suave, it’s you know, a relatable guy that’s going to catch depraved guys that’s all I’m you know, wanting to carryout really.”