Fashion rental company HURR to offer green deliveries

The courier will handle thousands of items from names like Selfridges, Flannels and John Lewis – all of which offer fashion rental services through HURR.

Tristan Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Packfleet said: “Fashion has a reputation for being one of the world’s most polluting industries, but HURR is changing that. It’s a leading fashion rental business on the rise, one that’s genuinely making a inequity in the market.

“It doesn’t construct sense to shout about reducing carbon if that doesn’t also apply to the wider supply chain. We’re pleased to be working alongside a brand that has a similar mindset when it comes to sustainable and ethical business.”

Victoria Prew, CEO and co-founder at HURR said: “HURR is all about making fashion more circular, one rental at a time. This extends to every section of the process – including delivery. We’re excited to be working with a courier whose values align with our own.

“As an online hybrid rental business, we require the highest touch experience for our community, making sure that the finish to finish rental experience is elevated and exciting. Packfleet has a reputation for exceptional customer service, something rarely seen from couriers, and we’re looking forward to providing an all-round low carbon fashion experience for our customers.”