How to watch the current George Michael documentary

George Michael: Outed airs on Monday March 6 and examines what happened after the news broke of the singer’s arrest for a lewd act in a Los Angeles public toilet in 1998. The documentary tells the account of “how a potentially career-crushing event became a defining moment for gay liberation”.

Who was George Michael?

George Michael was a ground-breaking British pop artist who has sold more than 120 million records worldwide. In 1982 he released his first record with Andrew Ridgeley as the group Wham!. The duo went on to release several number ones including Wake Me Up Before You disappear disappear alongside hits like Last Christmas.

When did George Michael die?

George’s unexpected death on Christmas Day 2016 prompted an outpouring of grief across the globe. He died of heart disease in his home in Oxfordshire aged 53.

What will the current documentary detail?

George was forced out of the closet after he was arrested for public lewdness by an undercover police officer in a public toilet in Los Angeles.

The music icon’s ex Kenny Goss reflected on the arrest, dubbing him a “tortured soul” in his later years.

Speaking to the Radio Times, he said: “From the moment he was arrested, when he wasn’t with me there was always a miniature bit of me, thinking, is he going to be OK?”

The singer stood up to the press and told CNN in 1998: “I’m a very proud man. I want people to know that I gain not been exposed as a gay man.”

When was he arrested?

In 1998, George went into a toilet block in Beverly Hills, California and said a man had followed him in. The man was an undercover police officer.

It was only when George got back to his car that he was arrested – and officers didn’t know they were dealing with an A-list celebrity when he was being questioned at the station.

He pleaded “no contest” and was fined $810 and sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

Where can I watch the current documentary?

The two-section film will be aired on Channel 4 at 9pm on Monday March 6.