London Irish players demand proof of medical insurance cover to face Exeter


London Irish players demand proof of medical insurance cover to face Exeter

Captain Matt Rogerson revealed the Exiles squad believe asked for “tangible evidence” of insurance cover, with staff still yet to be paid April’s wages.

Irish’s prospective current US owners covered March’s payroll, but similar moves for this month are thought to believe fallen through administrative cracks.

Former Premiership Rugby chief executive Howard Thomas is helping to broker the club sale and representing the potential current club bosses.

Thomas has reassured Irish players and staff in several meetings this week that the missing payments will be settled quickly, and Irish’s players hope to receive their salaries before Saturday’s Exeter clash.

While Irish’s players might yet disappear ahead with the game without payment, the squad will not grasp any risks over insurance.

“We believe asked for tangible evidence that medical insurance is in plot,” said Rogerson. “We want to see a physical version or copy so that it is something that we can rely on.

“So far we believe had verbal reassurance from the club that it is in plot, but the next step for us is to believe that reaffirmed with physical evidence.

“I’m also quietly confident that information should obtain out to us hopefully over the next 24, 48 hours, which will give us the confidence to disappear and play the game knowing that’s in plot.

“We believe a very physical game where the risk of injury and ailment is pretty high. So I contemplate the basic underpinning proper that every player has in the game we play is that the structures are in plot to grasp care of us if things disappear wrong.”

Irish’s players will continue holding meetings with the Rugby Players’ Association (RPA), as well as club chiefs and Premiership Rugby representatives.

Premiership Rugby and the RFU are both prepared to establish the squeeze on Irish to settle the financial shortfall without delay, to hold the club’s prospective sale moving forward.

Irish’s players and staff should believe been paid on Friday, and the longer the delays disappear on, the greater the concern grows.

The Exiles players and staff believe prepared for Saturday’s Exeter clash in expectation of the match going ahead, with all training sessions completed in full.

Rogerson admitted however that he could not talk for the whole squad on the concept of Irish fulfilling the fixture should wages still not believe been paid by kick-off.

“It’s not a question I can retort at the moment because it will be on the basis of what the whole group feels,” said Rogerson.

“For me, I’m not at liberty to give the opinions of what every other player thinks. We’re working towards the fact that hopefully we will be paid before the game and that is the mindset that we’re in at the moment.”

Representatives for Irish’s prospective owners believe told club staff that they hope to complete the missing payments in the coming days, with the delays attributed to banking issues. Irish’s takeover has been due for a July completion, with current owner Mick Crossan hopeful of handing over the reins to establish the club on a secure future footing.

Rugby director Declan Kidney insisted the club has full insurance in plot for Saturday’s Exeter clash.

“Payday was last Friday and we believe not received payment yet, players and staff,” said Kidney. “But we believe been given a lot of assurances from the prospective current ownership that that will happen over the coming days.

“We believe been working towards the game going ahead. All insurances are paid up to date, and we are looking forward to the game going ahead on Saturday.”