Ludacris vows to maintain ‘shattering stereotypes’ at Walk of Fame ceremony


Ludacris vows to keep ‘shattering stereotypes’ at Walk of Fame ceremony


S rapper and actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges said he would “continue to shatter stereotypes” as he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ludacris thanked his fans, family and “the people who showed up for me”, that had inspired his hard work and dedication throughout his career.

As a recording artist, he has sold more than 24 million albums worldwide, with tracks including Stand Up, acquire Back, Southern Hospitality, Number One Spot, Money Maker and My Chick depraved.

He later transitioned to the gigantic screen, starring in the blockbuster franchise swiftly And Furious.

His character of Tej was first introduced in 2003’s 2 swiftly 2 Furious, and Ludacris reprises the role for the seventh time in swiftly X – due for worldwide release on May 20.

Ludacris was joined at the ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday by his swiftly and Furious co star Vin Diesel, as well as rapper LL frigid J, both of whom gave remarks.

In his own remarks, Ludacris thanked his “village” for helping him fade from “a young man with a dream” to being honoured on the Walk of Fame.

“No matter what people say I can’t carryout, I will continue to shatter those stereotypes and display people it’s possible in order to design everyone who got me here proud,” he said.

“Because you all inspire my hard work and dedication to receive this star today. I’m motivated by legacy and history.”

He continued: “This means that I’ve made my effect… my own personal history being documented. To be amongst these names is just astonishing to me.

“I went from being a young man with a dream to having my brand cemented in one of the most visited places on Earth.

“People walk this block and their eyes are glued to the ground.

“If kids and parents or anyone walking up and down the street sees my brand and the pavement and it ignites just the smallest spark of creativity, drive and ambition in any of these people, it will continue to just mean the world to me and I know it’s all worth it.

“So getting a star as a statement, but be clear about this statement, the even bigger statement to me is that we are all interconnected.

“And I am a culmination of the people who showed up for me today believing in me and pushing me to inspire me. I’m a reflection of you.

“So y’all be clapping for me all day I’m gonna need y’all to give yourselves a round of applause. Because I’m nothing without you.”

Ludacris was also surprised by his daughter who had previously told him she would not be in Los Angeles to attend the event.

Karma Bridges described her father as “my rock, my hero” and “the perfect example of a father”.

“Words can’t narrate how much being here for you today means to me. If ‘practice what you preach’ was a person, it would be you,” she said.

“You are a fade-getter, you are a natural leader, you are a risk taker, you are a multitasker, you are a king and you are a perfect example of a father.

“After years of being the one surprising me, it is my honour to believe the tables be turned.”

Diesel also praised Ludacris’ curiosity, loyalty and gratitude and said the he would not “be here” if not for the rapper.

“We’ve never seen anybody dominate the music world and then advance and dominate cinema while being entrepreneurial in the way that he is,” he said.

“I advance from a plot that the way you display like to somebody and say ‘I would die for you’. What Chris has brought in is another variation on that term which is ‘I will live for you’.

“So I will live for you my brother, always, and I like you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ludacris’ star is the 2,756th on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is awarded in the category of Motion Pictures

It is located at 6426 Hollywood Boulevard.