Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s relationship timeline, from pre-Love Island to parenthood

Now that we’ve lost Kimye (and for good reason), there’s only one real It couple forging an empire in quite the same way. The king and queen of Manchester, the baroness of fast fashion and fresh prince of British boxing, the most robbed runners-up in Love Island history, it’s Miss Molly-Mae Hague and Sir Tommy Fury.

The couple, who met on series five of ITV2’s hit reality show Love Island in 2019, have exceeded all expectations since they first locked eyes across steamy hot-tub water in the villa’s hideaway. They moved in together almost straight away after coming out of the villa. They also disproved the post-Love Island six-month curse with ease and made strides in their separate projects, staying together all the while (it’s not a reach to say that a lot of Love Islanders break up once they find fame and fortune outside of the villa).

Then, to top things off, the pair announced that they would be joining the illustrious club of Love Island parents, giving new meaning to the “baby challenge” we see each season.

But in case you needed a debrief on how they met, their time in the villa and that foggy period in the outside world before the two welcomed their baby Bambi Fury, here’s a rundown.

Pre-Love Island

Fury and Hague at the 2020 National Television Awards

/ PA Archive

Before LI, Hague and Fury were up to their own things. Hague was living in Manchester and already busy becoming a budding influencer (she was built for this), boasting 10,000 YouTube subscribers and 100,000 Instagram followers before she even entered the villa.

She also worked part-time as a lifeguard in a leisure centre and, in a fun twist, was already formulating her appearance on Love Island. She applied for the 2018 series but was turned down, only for the producers to return a year later and ask her to be on the show.

Fury, on the other hand, had made his boxing debut the year before joining Love Island. He was on a run of two successive wins when he decided to ditch his boxing gloves in the hope of finding love abroad. A risky gamble, but one with perhaps the best payoff in Love Island history.

Island life

Hague and Fury’s first date in the Love Island 2019 hot tub


Fury and Hague were among the first crop of bombshells in Love Island season five. Fury entered the villa alongside Curtis Pritchard on day two, tasked with tempting two of the girls out of their pre-established couples.

Then, two days later, Hague was announced as the first female bombshell, and male islanders were told she would be waiting in the hot tub in the private “hideaway” area for a series of dates. Hague picked Fury as one of her dates and he told her she was “100 per cent [his] type” (not kidding). The rest is history.

Ok, now I am kidding — I’ll tell you the rest. Hague and Fury went on to be pretty solid throughout the season, faltering only when fiery “fanny flutters” inventor Maura Higgins joined as a bombshell. Higgins tried her absolute hardest to pry Fury from Hague’s clutches but was unsuccessful.

The pair occasionally had a little tiff or two on Love Island, but their relationship was generally solid

/ ITV2

Hague and Fury then became boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa. Fury told Hague on the roof terrace: “On a serious note, you know how much you mean to me and you’re the only girl for me. I only want to be with you. Therefore, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?”

Tension resurfaced around Casa Amor, when Hague doubted whether Fury would come back alone or re-coupled. However, her fears were quickly soothed after Fury returned alone (save for her childhood toy, Ellie Belly the elephant).

The pair were tipped as frontrunners for the Love Island crown, but it was snatched by surprise winners Amber Rose Gill and Greg O’Shea. They had been together for only 10 days, compared with Tommy and Molly’s 52.

Their success appeared largely due to Gill’s popularity, which she’s since acknowledged, calling herself the first “solo winner” of Love Island (she and O’Shea split soon after leaving the villa and he doesn’t seem to care about all of this too much).

Post-Love Island antics

Fury and Hague have regularly documented their blossoming romance on social media

/ Molly-Mae Hague/Instagram

After leaving the villa in late July 2019, Fury and Hague announced just over a month later that they were moving in together. Fury later told Cosmopolitan this leap of faith was all about “trust”.

“In a relationship, you have to be honest with each other,” he said. “Since day one, me and Molly have been real with each other. We’ve always been really honest with each other.

“I think that’s why we work really well inside the villa and outside the villa. Inside the villa, off-camera — we’ve never had an argument. We’ve never had an argument, and we’ve never said a cross word. So everything has just fallen into place at the right time. Me and Molly have always been really real together.”

The period immediately post-Love Island was very lucrative for Hague, who not only secured a place with her bf but also the biggest brand deal in Love Island history (at that point) in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing. Her relationship with PLT has been nearly as long-standing and loyal as the one she enjoys with Fury; she is currently creative director of the fast-fashion brand.

Fury, on the other hand, quietly moved away from influencerdom, aside from his own socials and occasional appearances in Molly’s YouTube content, and back into boxing, building up his strength. And boy did it pay off.

That isn’t to say that the couple has had an entirely easy ride, though. They suffered a surprising loss when they adopted a Pomeranian puppy, Mr Chai, in lockdown, only for it to die six days later. In a YouTube video addressing how she initially didn’t believe the call from the vet, Hague said: “Tommy literally threw up everywhere, and I just kept saying like: ‘It’s a prank’. We get prank called all the time and some sick person has found out Chai’s gone to the vet. It’s a prank, ‘No, your dog has died.’”

The couple suffered a surprising loss when they adopted a Pomeranian puppy in lockdown, only for it to die six days later

/ Tommy Fury via Instagram

Then, during Hague’s pregnancy, Fury was notably absent due to his rigorous training schedule, and she opened up about how hard that could be. In an interview about his boxing, Hague was asked if Fury’s time at training camp had been difficult for her. “Yeah, obviously,” she said. “I work all the time, and he’s away working, so it’s just constant. Like, we’re never together.”

She went on to say that the pair “literally communicate by FaceTime at this point,” and when asked if Fury had ever spoken to her baby bump, she said: “He’s not really, I think because he’s been away so much, I feel like sometimes he forgets. “I’m like, ‘you do understand that I’m two months away from, like we’re going to have a child’. Yeah, sometimes he has to be reminded a little bit because he’s just away in camp land.”

The couple welcomed daughter Bambi on January 23

/ Molly-Mae Hague via Instagram

Such problems luckily seem over now and Fury seems completely besotted with his new baby, dedicating last night’s win over Jake Paul to her and his “missus” Hague.

“I love you and I can’t wait to see you,” he said. “This fight is for you, Bambi. I love you.”

A true Love Island love story, after all.

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