New Pokemon Go Plus + device features a singing Pikachu to help you get to sleep


okemon wants to help you get some shut eye with its new Pokemon Sleep game and accompanying Pokemon Go Plus + device.

The latter is a puck-shaped accessory that features the voice of Pikachu. When you press the light-up button on the device, the adorable yellow critter will sing lullabies to soothe you to sleep.

Hearing Pikachu warbling its name on repeat to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will probably delight Pokemon fans. Or maybe the cutesy creature’s dulcet tones will usurp your favorite white noise video or app.

As its name suggests, the device also works with Pokemon Go by allowing you to spin Pokestops and catch wild Pokemon without opening the app.

Nevertheless, the main goal is to track your sleeping  habits, which the device beams to the new Pokemon Sleep game when you press the button upon waking. You’ll be forgiven for forgetting the game even exists given that it was announced in 2019.

Pokemon Sleep essentially tracks your sleeping habits and rewards you with new Pokemon that match how you doze. The game tallies, measures and analyses this data, showing how long it took for you to fall asleep, among other info.

It also collates this info in a sleep graph and lets you discover new Pokemon that match your sleep style, with categories including “dozing,” “snoozing” and “slumbering.” A lazy Snorlax is the star of the show, alongside sleep researcher Professor Neroli.

Your sleep data will also be incorporated into Pokemon Go, though how it will work is unclear. Notably, by linking the two games, you’ll receive a special Snorlax variant wearing a sleeping cap.

Pokemon Sleep is slated to launch later this summer, while the Pokemon Go Plus + device will arrive on July 14. Both were announced on Monday during the Pokemon Presents event to mark Pokemon Day.

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