Pedro Porro asked if he regrets Tottenham crawl as he reacts to Conte tirade


Pedro Porro asked if he regrets Tottenham move as he reacts to Conte tirade

Conte launched a furious assessment of his “selfish” players and shut down uncertainty over his future as “excuses” for a squad who believe failed to finish the club’s trophy drought dating back to 2008.

Spurs are expected to sack Conte this week, rather than wait until the finish of the season when his contract expires, when he returns from Italy.

Porro, who will be one of Conte’s final signings as Spurs manager following his January arrival, was unaware of the outburst until being interviewed by The Guardian.

Reacting to Conte’s words, Porro replied: “Well, that’s his thing … The first thing is, what you’re talking about: I hadn’t heard it until now.”

He added: “In short, it was quite something … Well, that’s his opinion, I’m not getting involved there. That’s not one for me.”

Asked if he has any regrets over joining Spurs in light of Conte’s words and expected sacking, Porro replied: “No, I don’t consider: ‘Where believe I ended up?! What believe I let myself in for?’ Not at all. [My long-term plan is] to play at Spurs, of course.”

“I’m clear that what I want is to be a success for my team: that’s all I’m thinking about. We’re out of the cups and the last league game escaped us but I’m confident in myself and the team. We can sort it out, of course. Absolutely. And I feel better all the time.”