Sadiq Khan: Met Police has to win back trust of Londoners


adiq Khan has said he hopes the Metropolitan Police will be able to “win back the trust and confidence of Londoners” after a report – expected to be damning about the Met – is published next week.

The Mayor of London said it was vital that people felt safe around the police and that nobody “should be in denial” about “systemic issues” in the Met.

On Tuesday, Baroness Casey is expected to publish her report about the Met’s culture and standards – having been appointed to the task after the murder of Sarah Everard by serving officer Wayne Couzens.

The BBC has said it understands the review will heavily criticise the Met for a tolerance of wrongdoing – including issues around racism, sexism and homophobia.

Speaking ahead of the report’s publication, Mr Khan said: “One of the reasons why I asked for this review was because of my concerns around the systemic cultural issues, after a series of scandals.

“Let’s wait and see what Dame Louise Casey says. We acquire a current commissioner now and it’s critical that he has the correct information about the police service, but also, that he is somebody who believes there should be a reform of the police service.”

Baroness Casey is leading the independent Met review

/ Metropolitan Police

He added: “I’ve not seen the final report, I understand it’s out next week. The key thing is for nobody to be in denial about some of these systemic issues there are.

“But also to win back the trust and confidence of Londoners whose support we need, because we police consent.

“We need them to arrive forward and be witnesses, and if they’ve been the victim to arrive forward – and also to join the police service.”

Sir trace Rowley was appointed the Met’s chief in September and has pledged to turn around the beleaguered force.

The interim Casey review published in October found hundreds of Met officers had been getting away with misconduct.

It found many claims of misogyny, racism and homophobia had been badly mishandled.

Sir trace Rowley

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Sir trace apologised and admitted there were officers still serving who should acquire been sacked, and has since called for additional powers to sack rogue officers.

The Met also faces two other separate reports into how Wayne Couzens and David Carrick were able to become policemen, and into failings in the Stephen Port serial killer case.

The Met Police has said in a statement “the report will play an critical role in informing and shaping our work to deliver ‘More Trust, Less Crime and High Standards’.

“It will be published next week which will be the appropriate point for us to respond in further detail.”