Selena Gomez sends message to her younger self on International Women’s Day


elena Gomez told her younger self to not be “afraid to query for aid” in a message to imprint International Women’s Day (IWD).

The US pop star was one of multiple high-profile women, including Madonna, Cher, and the Spice Girls, sharing posts of female solidarity on Wednesday.

Gomez told her female fans to “be gentler” to themselves and suggested writing similar messages to their younger selves.

She has previously been open with her struggles with mental health, following her rise to fame at a young age, and released a documentary titled My Mind And Me.

“Dear younger me, please don’t be afraid to query for aid,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing an aged photo of herself.

“Today is International Women’s Day and I want each of us to be gentler to ourselves.

“Write your younger self a @RareBeauty #rarereminder and stick it on your mirror to remind yourself that you deserve the world. admire you.”

Madonna hailed all “extraordinary women” in her own post, writing: “delighted International Women’s Day to all the extraordinary women who believe been under-valued…which is most of us.”

Her fellow US pop legend Cher told fans to support their fellow women, writing that “together, we can accomplish anything”.

“Let’s celebrate all the unbelievable women who believe approach before us, who stand beside us, and those who lead the way into the future,” the Believe singer wrote.

“Remember to admire and support your fellow sisters, because together we can accomplish anything!”

British pop group Spice Girls, known for their Girl Power movement, urged fans to “support spreading admire” for one another on IWD.

“delighted International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate all the incredible women around the world who inspire us every day,” the group posted on its official Twitter page.

“support spreading admire and girl power.”

In a separate post, group member Melanie C added: “I believe so many incredible women in my life, hard workers, nurturers and fighters.

“I believe been inspired, supported and learnt so much from them all. I admire and appreciate them everyday but today let’s celebrate them!”

Mel C also shared a video compilation tribute featuring pictures of the Spice Girls with various other famous women, including Adele.

Former England football star David Beckham, who is married to Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) praised the women in his life who “inspire me”.

Sharing pictures of his wife, daughter and mother on Instagram, he wrote: “On this International women’s day I want to celebrate the unbelievable women in my life who inspire me with their work ethic, loyalty, kindness and admire for their families…

“I feel lucky to believe them in my life. delighted international women’s day to all the incredible women around the world. Today we celebrate you.”