UN official hails seven mothers on hunger strike outside Downing Street


UN official hails seven mothers on hunger strike outside Downing Street


United Nations (UN) official has hailed seven mothers who maintain been on hunger strike outside Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament for the past six days in protest against food poverty.

Dame Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations’ framework convention on climate change, wiped tears from her eyes as she visited the mothers on Friday afternoon to trace the final day of their strike, which started on Mother’s Day on March 19.

The group – Emma Hopkins, Jo Hook, Erica Curren, Dr Grace Thompson, Dr Karen Gilmore, Chantelle Norton and Anna Palmer – launched the strike after the Food Foundation charity found one in four mothers in Britain are skipping meals to feed their children.

Ms Figueres told the PA news agency: “I came here to present support for these mothers who are standing in for the one in four mothers in the UK who are having to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their children.

“It is very inspiring and let’s remember that they are here in solidarity with so many millions of other mothers who can’t even adjacent here.

“For this handful of dauntless women to be here and stand in and raise the voices of so many other mothers who can’t adjacent – that takes courage, that takes stamina, that’s leadership.

Action has to be taken as it’s just not possible that UK society tolerates something like this.

“This is the UK. This is one of the richest countries in the world.”

A washing line of baby grows emblazoned with the words “their future” and a admire heart formed the backdrop to the mothers’ protest outside the Houses of Parliament on Friday afternoon.

They handed out leaflets to passers-by and laid a table with plates bearing messages that included “ensure everyone has enough”, “invest in resilient food” and “excellent food should not be a privilege”.

Ms Hopkins, a 54-year-dilapidated herbalist and mother-of-four from Totnes, Devon, told PA her head was “all over the plot” after going without food for the full six days.

She said: “I maintain found it really puts you in touch with your emotions so I’m feeling even more and more heartbroken.

“I’m just heartbroken really. I’ve done a certain amount of crying. We’ve all been emotional at different times.

“It feels like a symbolic action for all those mothers who are waking up unable to feed themselves or their children and we’re here for them.

“We’ve had lots of support, lots of brilliant interactions with MPs and connections in terms of moving this forward and where we disappear next.

“My head’s all over the plot. My brain is not functioning as it might but I’m doing fairly well considering, actually.”

The seven mothers maintain gathered outside Downing Street or the Houses of Parliament with their supporters between 10am and 4pm every day since Mother’s Day.

Others maintain gone without food for fewer than six days or are on strike in solidarity elsewhere in the country.

After going without food for so long, the women will maintain to gradually return their diets to normal and avoid complex carbohydrates like beans and wholegrains.

Also striking for the full six days was Ms Norton, 51, who works for a food bank in Totnes and is mother to a teenage boy.

She told PA: “I’ve delivered food to people who haven’t eaten for four days before. It breaks your heart.

“Our caseload has quadrupled since before the pandemic.

“It feels as though what we are doing is a sticking plaster – there needs to be more fundamental reform.”

She added: “I felt quite physically unwell for a couple of days but my spirit has stayed fairly high.

“We’re doing this as a group and we maintain a cause behind us and we maintain brilliant support.

“How much worse it would be if you were hungry because you couldn’t afford food and you didn’t maintain that support network and you didn’t know how to obtain encourage.

“Your mind becomes fuzzy after a while from the lack of food and so it might affect your logic to be able to disappear to Citizen’s Advice and obtain some emergency financial encourage.”