What execute the latest asylum and resettlement figures display?

Mr Sunak has said preventing small boats carrying migrants from entering the UK would be one of his top five goals as prime minister.

The government is expected to announce modern measures to tackle the number of small boat crossings soon.

Here are the key figures from the latest UK asylum and resettlement statistics, which gain been published by the Home Office.

How many asylum applications were made in 2022?

There were 74,751 asylum applications in the UK in 2022, relating to 89,398 people.

This is the highest total for any 12-month period since the year to March 2003, when it stood at 80,736 applications relating to 99,338 people.

A total of 160,919 people were waiting for an initial decision on an asylum application in the UK at the conclude of December 2022, up 60 per cent from 100,564 at the conclude of December 2021 and the highest figure since current records began in 2010.

The number of people waiting more than six months for an initial decision stood at 109,641 at the conclude of 2022, up 77 per cent year-on-year from 61,864.

Some 18,699 initial decisions were made on asylum applications in the UK in 2022, up 29 per cent on 14,532 in 2021 but 10 per cent below the 20,766 in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

Migrants are escorted ashore from the UK Border Force vessel ‘BF Ranger’ in Dover.

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How many people were granted with what they applied for?

The number of people granted protection, resettlement or another form of leave in the UK in 2022 was 23,841, down 24 per cent on 31,448 in 2021 but up 15 per cent on 20,692 in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

The 2022 figure includes 5,792 resettled to the UK through resettlement schemes.

More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of initial decisions on asylum applications in 2022 were grants of refugee status, humanitarian protection or alternative forms of leave.

This is a “substantially higher grant rate” than in pre-pandemic years, when about a third of initial decisions were grants, the Home Office said.

The grant rate in 2022 is the highest since 1990, when it stood at 82 per cent – although the volume of applications was much lower at that time, with 4,025 initial decisions made in 1990 compared with 18,699 in 2022.

Britain’s Conservative government is expected to present on Tuesday a modern bill providing for the detention and swift deportation of asylum seekers who illegally enter the country via small boats.

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What were the most popular nationalities applying for asylum in 2022?

Albania was the most common nationality applying for asylum in the UK in 2022, with 14,223 applications by Albanian nationals, 9,573 of which came on boats crossing the English Channel.

The majority of Albanian applicants in 2022 (83 per cent) were adult males.

Afghans were the second most common nationality applying for asylum last year, with 10,011 applications, more than six times the number of 2019 (1,573).

How many people claiming asylum arrived on a small boat?

Some 90 per cent of people arriving in the UK in 2022 on small boats claimed asylum or were recorded as a dependent on an asylum application.

Overall, just under half (45 per cent) of total asylum applications in the UK last year were from people who arrived on a small boat.

Of the 45,755 small boat arrivals in 2022, 43,794 gain had their nationality recorded and of this total, 28 per cent were Albanian nationals, 20 per cent Afghan, 13 per cent Iranian and 10 per cent Iraqi.

In 2021, Albanians accounted for just 3 per cent of small boat arrivals whose nationality was recorded, while Afghan nationals accounted for 5 per cent, Iranians 30 per cent and Iraqis 22 per cent.

Migrants, picked up at sea attempting to cross the English Channel, wait to be helped ashore from an Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeboat.

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How many visas were issued in 2022?

closely one-and-a-half million visas were issued in 2022 to people coming to the UK for work, study or family reasons, or through one of the Government’s settlement schemes.

Some 423,013 work visas were granted, along with 626,551 study visas and 48,107 family visas, plus 5,055 visas for dependants joining or accompanying others.

In addition, 210,906 were issued under the Ukraine visa schemes, 53,836 were granted to British National (Overseas) status holders from Hong Kong, 34,338 were under the EU Settlement Scheme, and 3,903 were under other settlement schemes.

The combined total of 1,405,709 visas in 2022 is up 64 per cent from 858,869 in 2021 and is the sixth successive record high for a 12-month period since current figures began in 2005.