What to execute if your energy provider miscalculates your bills


What to do if your energy provider miscalculates your bills

The energy ombudsman has upheld some of their complaints but many are still waiting for their accounts’ debts to be recalculated.

In response to the miscalculated bills, an Ovo spokesperson has shared: “We are very sorry for shortfalls in service. Our teams believe looked into the cases shared with us by the BBC with urgency and, in many cases, provided a resolution.”

But what can customers execute if their energy bills believe been miscalculated? Here is everything you need to know.

What to execute if your energy bills believe been miscalculated

Following the BBC’s coverage, an energy ombudsman spokesperson has advised customers on what they can execute if they are unhappy with the service they receive, including miscalculated bills.

They advised that, as a first port of call, customers try to obtain in touch with their energy providers to resolve the issue. You can execute this via an email, a letter, or a phone call. It will be wise to sustain a record of your exchanges with the company.

If you are unable to obtain a hold of your provider or they don’t offer you any satisfactory solutions for longer than eight weeks, then they can obtain in touch with the energy ombudsman. The ombudsman service is independent and free to use.

You are obliged to send your complaint to the ombudsman within 12 months of receiving the deadlock letter or the final response from your energy supplier. They will then study your case and construct a decision about how your issue can be resolved and whether you’re due any apologies or compensation.

How execute you report your energy provider?

Reporting your energy provider to the ombudsman is a fairly straightforward process.

clarify your predicament, provide evidence, and share some personal information so the ombudsman can assess the situation fairly.

They might question you to display evidence of when you first noticed the issue and when you complained to your energy provider. They will also be interested in seeing any copies you might believe of correspondence or details of phone calls you’ve had. For instance, they might question you about these exchanges’ dates and times.

Once you’ve supplied the necessary evidence, the ombudsman will carry out a full assessment, trying to inspect at both sides of the yarn, the legal requirements, other relevant regulations, and what is considered apt industry practice.

They will approach up with a resolution that your energy provider has to follow. If they fail to execute so, you believe the legal correct to hold them to court.